12 Reasons Why You Should Stock Up on Blue Dawn for Cleaning Needs

Can you count the number of ways you use Blue Dawn dish soap on one hand? If so, you are doing it all wrong.

It is been a household staple since the ’70s, but Blue Dawn still has a ton of uses that are criminally underreported. Really, there’s not much it can’t do.

That’s maybe a slight exaggeration. But only a slight one. Not convinced?

Well here are 12 uses for Blue Dawn that will leave your surfaces shining and your pockets full.

Let’s dive right in.

Top Uses For Blue Dawn

1. DIY Ice Packs

Blue Dawn is ideal for creating your own, flexible ‘ice’ packs. Just add Blue Dawn to a zip bag and pop into your freezer. The Blue Dawn won’t fully freeze, keeping it cold but malleable – perfect for wrapping around injured joints!

2. Scrub Your Tub

Looking for a way to spruce up your shower? Dawn Magic can quickly have your tub and shower looking brand-spanking new. Just follow the directions of Joyful Homemaking and you’ll be well on your way.

3. Keep Bugs Away

Water bottle + one drop of Blue Dawn = bug-free living. Acting as a natural repellent, a light coating to both your outdoor and indoor plants will keep those pesky insects away.

Vicks Vaporub is an excellent bug-repellent, too. The more you know!

4. Kill Garden Weeds

You can also use your trusty bottle of Dawn to kill garden weeds that forever pop up around your property. Be warned though, this is not a mild concoction, so be careful what it comes into contact with. Peep the recipe via Genius Kitchen.

5. De-skunk Your Dog

Has your dog ever been sprayed by a skunk? If not, you are one of the lucky ones. It is not something you will forget easily.

6. Blow Giant Bubbles

It is not just a multi-purpose cleaner, Blue Dawn can also gift you the pleasure of cheap bubbles. Joy! You can check out the recipe over at DIY network.

7. Prep for a Manicure

Before you head out for that manicure, try applying some Blue Dawn first. Sounds weird, right? Blue Dawn can actually help prep your nails, leaving you with a manicure that 1st looks better and 2nd lasts longer.

What’s not to love?! Learn how via Robyn’s View.

8. Easy Stain Removal

Stains, be gone! Blue dawn is the bee’s knees when it comes to tricky stains Check out Learning To Be a Mom to discover the power of the Blue!

9. Clean Your Windows

Fancy giving your windows that extra sparkle? Of course, you do! 2 drops of Blue Dawn + water = windows in tip-top condition, every time. You can see how it is done over at Family Balance Sheet.

10. Clean Your Car Mats

Car mats get dirty, fast. Blue Dawn can be used to give them a thorough clean-through and return them back to their former glory (albeit with a blue tint). One of many surprising uses for Blue Dawn! All Things Thrifty has the lowdown.

11. De-Ice Your Driveway

As well as providing ice-y cool injury relief, Blue Dawn can also remove ice from your driveway, prevent it from damaging your concrete surfaces, and keep it from refreezing again in the future.

Here’s how. Stick 1 gallon of hot water, 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and 2 teaspoons of Dawn into a bucket. Then, just give it a mix and pour over your frozen drive.

12. Make the ‘Miracle Cleaner’

If you have not already converted to the ‘miracle cleaner‘, you are missing out! Blue Dawn is the holy grail of DIY cleaning combos.

Uses for Blue Dawn

There you have it, 12 magical uses for Blue Dawn. We could continue, but that’s probably enough for you to be getting on with for now!

Kirsty Wark

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