What A Food Handler Should Do Before Washing Dishes in A Dishwasher

When it comes to operating the dishwashing machine in the food industry, there are plenty of rules that must be followed to comply with food handling laws in your state.

For optimal cleaning, it is best that you have the proper equipment.

Pots and pans generally require manual washing in three-compartment sinks. Dishes, flatware, and glassware are best washed in an automatic commercial dishwasher.

The proper machine should be selected based on the total volume of dishwashing needs and the type of wares that need to be washed and sanitized.

According to the National Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers, dishwashers are rated by the number of full racks. These have an average of twenty dishes that can be washed per hour properly.

So, what should you do before washing the dishes in a dishwasher?

This includes two important tasks:

  • The sanitizer dispenser
  • Pre-cleaning dishes

The sanitizer dispenser

Before washing dishes in a dishwasher, a food handler should ensure that the detergent and sanitizer dispensers are loaded. If they start the machine without it, it is not going to wash the dishes effectively.

They should also inspect the machine to ensure it is clean at least once per day, cleaning it when needed.

Pre-cleaning dishes

Before washing, dishes should all be scrapped, rinsed, and soaked. Dish racks should be loaded correctly and without overloading. It is also important to ensure all surfaces are exposed to the machine’s sprayer system.

Ensure the tanks are filled with clean water, spray nozzles are clear, and rinse aid, detergent, and sanitizer dispensers are full. Once the racks come out, check for dirty dishes and run them through the machine again until they are adequately cleaned, or change your dishwasher settings.

Once all of the dishes are clean, air dries them all, Place pots, pans, cups, and glasses upside down on the rack for drying. You can then place and store the flatware and utensils with handles up in the air.

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