Body Fat, Body Mass Index and Body Weight Calculator

Body-Fat-Mass-Index-and-Weight Calculator

Three ideal Body Fat, Body Mass Index, and Body Weight Calculators using height and weight, waist, and neck girth. Fill the required boxes and calculate your BMI with our standard BMI calculator. It is a quick, free, and online health calculator. Enter your height and weight now!

Body Weight Calculator

Our ideal and simple bodyweight calculator provides an accurate prediction. You just need to select gender then enter your height in inches or cms and hit submit. Our weight calculator will display output in the next box. Calculate your ideal body weight in KG or LBS (Pound) & an inch or CM.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator
Measuring System
Height (Cms)
As per D R Miller Formula
As per WHO recommendations
This Calculator is suitable only for Adults over 18 years of age.

Body Fat Calculator

Best Body Fat Percentage Calculator, that provides accurate information in a simple and navy style. Please enter your body measurements like your height, weight, neck girth, waist, and hips size in cms or inches. This body fat calculator will display the output in microseconds. Accurate body fat percentage calculator online using measurements.

Fat Percentage Calculator
Measuring System
Height (Cms)
Neck Girth (Cms)
Waist (Cms)
Hips (Cms)
Your Body Fat
Body Fat Category
Calculations are as per US Navy Formula

Body Mass Index Calculator

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), reliable measurement of body fat in adults. It is a very simple and easy tool. Check your BMI as per your weight and height.

BMI Measuring System:
Measuring System
Height (Cms)
Weight (Kgs)
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Normal BMI range

The calculations are based on WHO recommendations.

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