7 Common Places in the Home Where Pest Hides

Pest has been becoming the most common problem and challenge for homeowners because they are not easy to find due to their small size. The pests are also harmful to human health and look bad when somebody sees them.

These pests include termites, nematodes, insects, mites, slugs, snails, bedbugs, mice, fleas, ticks, aphids, stink bugs, mosquitos, cockroaches, spiders, etc. Depending upon the location, pests may be household, agricultural forest, aesthetic, medical, or veterinary pests.

These pests can spread serious infections, even fatal, diseases by contaminating human food with their saliva and waste which contains bacteria that can cause diarrhea, food poisoning, and other types of infections. So don’t ignore even a small pest they can create big problems for you.

Where the Pests Can Hide In Your Home?

It is not easy to find this pest in the home. Each pest has its own season of laying eggs, taking birth, and coming out. During the spring season, household pests, insects, and rodents come out and become more active. After the winter season pest starts searching for food and invades your home for the same. Following are the most common places in the house where can find these pests.


Cockroaches, phorid flies, fruit flies, centipedes, warm, drain flies, fungus gnats, and psocid mites are some common pest that likes to live in a drain, pipes, and sink. The drainage system is the easiest way to enter the home for pests. Pest also comes in search of food in the drain. So never forget to clean your home drain systems regularly. You may also call for pest control service so that no pest can grow and enter in your home.


The kitchen is the favorite place for pests as there are so many places to hide and tasty food to eat. The pests stay in cabinet cracks, drawers, sink pipes, trash or bins, shelves, and windowsills. The most common kitchen pests are beetles, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, weevils, moths, and mites.


The most common bathroom pests are silverfish, ants, cockroaches, centipedes, drain flies, and spiders. These pests like to be born and live under the bathroom cabinets, moisturized walls, leaky pipes, mirrors, washbasin, and toilets. You may also see cockroaches wandering in the bathroom at night.


Furniture beetles and bugs are the enemy of furniture and live in and around your sofas, beds, chair, table, and counters. You should never ignore them because these pests can damage your furniture and also infect your skin.


When you don’t remove or lift a carpet, carpet beetles lay eggs in fibrous material and make their home below the carpet. These pests are also responsible for more damage to rugs, carpets, and other woolens than appeals moths.


If your home walls, floors, doors, and window has a gap and crack, fill it a timely otherwise pest can grow and hide in these places.

Other common pest spots

The pests can also hide in the pantries, appliances, storage boxes, inside walls, closet clutter, and inside Insulation.

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