6 Natural Home Remedies That Prevent Ailments

Nowadays, many medicines and procedures can cure ailments that used to be highly problematic or even fatal. Scientists and doctors are working together to try and find the cure to many diseases, hoping to work closer to a cure. Medicine is amazing, and we benefit and lead much better lives because of it.

However, many of us rely too heavily on medicine. For minor illnesses such as colds and coughs, it can sometimes be better to rely on more natural remedies. Here are some ways you can prevent ailments using natural methods.

1. Nausea

Nausea can affect people at any time, however, for those who are newly pregnant or recovering from surgery, it can be particularly bad. If you are pregnant, you might not want to take too many traditional medications so you will be looking for alternatives. One excellent way you can quell nausea is by taking ginger; it has long been a popular choice and is noted for its effectiveness. A good way to get a steady supply is to freeze it in ice cubes, then when you feel nauseous, you can take one out and suck on the ice cube. It will provide a long-lasting and steady dose of ginger that you can use all day. Another popular technique is to use travel sickness bands even when you are not traveling. The pressure on the parts of your wrist can help to calm the feeling of nausea, especially if you can’t eat.

2. Hiccups

There are many varied ways that people have used to cure themselves of hiccups. Some people think that holding your breath will stop them, while others advocate sipping water upside down. Although these techniques have been known to work, others have also been shown to help. One idea is that eating something granular when you have hiccups, helps the body to reset the irritated nerve that is causing the trouble. Any granular food will work including salt, although you might want to use sugar as it tastes better. It only takes one or two teaspoons to be effective, which is just as well if you are using salt.

3. Colds

Colds can be a nuisance and make getting through your day difficult. Although most people who are healthy won’t suffer any major problems from a cold, the effects of a blocked nose, headache, and lack of energy still make you feel uncomfortable. There are a few natural ways that you can alleviate the symptoms of a cold, and the ingredients themselves can help your body’s defenses.

Garlic has been proven to help with a sore throat, especially when taken with cloves. All you need to do is place pressed garlic and cloves into warm water and gargle with the solution twice a day. As well as garlic, honey, and lemon are other old remedies used to unblock the nose and help you to breathe. All you need is a slice of lemon and a tablespoon of honey in some hot water, and you will soon be feeling less congested. Blocked sinuses are another problem that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort; there is a technique on how to relieve sinus pressure that only uses your fingers. It means that you don’t need to rely on decongestants that can often make you feel drowsy.

4. Coughing

As well as feeling unwell, colds and flu can also often leave you with a nasty cough. In some cases, the cough can last longer than the cold itself. However, there are a few natural ways that you can try to curb your cough without resorting to cough medicine. Many people like chocolate, and you might be surprised to know that eating two squares of dark chocolate can help you to shift that cough. The theobromine compound that it contains is considered more effective than codeine at suppressing coughs. If you are suffering from a nagging cough at night, then a good way to suppress it is to take two teaspoons of honey along with 500mg of the Vitamin C variant, Ester just before you go to bed. By taking this combination, you will not only boost your immune system but stop the irritation of the throat that causes a cough. Research has shown that honey is better at soothing a cough than a cough suppressant.

5. Minor Burns

Many people make the simple mistake of burning themselves on a hot pan or tray from the oven. Not only does it hurt at the time, but it also burns and stings for some time afterward. To stop the burning from becoming too irritated, you should use some aloe vera gel. The soothing properties of aloe vera are not the only benefit; it also creates a second skin that protects the burn from the outside air which can irritate the exposed nerve endings. Aloe vera has many other properties that make it a good thing to have around the house.

6. Bad Foot Odour

Bad foot odor can be as unpleasant for the person involved as it is for others around them. There are many medications and foot powders on the market that are supposed to help cure the odor, although there are also some natural alternatives that are worth a try. One method is to soak your feet in one part vinegar and two parts water every night. It kills the bacteria that cause the odor and also helps to disinfect the feet. Another remedy is to soak your feet in strong black tea; this is because the tannins contained in the tea also kill bacteria and close the pores in your feet. You should only try these alternatives if your feet are free from cuts, though you should see positive results within a few days.

Although modern medicine can cure many different conditions, there are also alternative remedies that you can try for minor ailments. It also means that your body won’t become used to modern medication, so when it is needed, it will have a better effect on your health.

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