Portable Power Stations: What Brands Stands Out for Your Business?

Staying connected to electricity wherever and whenever you want with a portable power station is crucial for your business. The best portable power stations minimize the need for fuel-powered generators and have significantly impacted businesses over the decades. This means you must look for the best brands for your business.

As an entrepreneur, you can achieve energy independence by not having to depend on large grid utilities, which we strive for during times of uncertainty, especially in undeveloped areas and places with constant light out.

Interestingly, some brands offer portable power stations to wholesalers, energy storage business contractors, and final users. We will further discuss the various brands as we progress.

How to Select A Portable Power Station for Your Business

With the recent development in battery technology, portable power stations have the Capacity and raw power to power large electronic devices that require greater power sources conveniently. What then should you consider when selecting one for your business?

1. Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is the most essential specification when choosing a portable power station for your business. Think of what you hope to achieve with the device and select the one that best suits your need. The bigger the battery capacity of a power station, the longer it takes to charge your appliances.

2. Battery Technology

Battery technology or battery type is another important specification you want to consider for a portable power station. The type of battery a portable power station uses primarily determines its size, charging speed, cost, weight, and how long it can power its equipment before going out.

The most common battery types used in portable power stations are lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion, and lithium-polymer batteries. These battery types are similar to Duracell car batteries, which are durable, safe, and maintenance-free for portable power stations.

3. Power Input and Output Ports

With portable power stations, you need more ports for charging and powering your equipment. This is important for DC-powered charging ports since an extension cord can be used to get more AC outlets.

Getting a portable power station with several USB and USB-C charging ports for your handheld devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc., is recommended. For a better user experience, you can place your handheld devices on a pillow pad while you charge them. Expert pillow pad reviews say the stand is designed to offer you comfort and pleasure.

4. Inverter Technology

A suitable inverter in your portable power station saves your device from future damage and keeps them working as efficiently as possible. If you’ll power delicate and susceptible devices, go for power stations with a pure sine wave inverter.

Best Portable Power Station Brands That Stand Out for Your Business

1. Sunly Power

Sunly power is a reliable China-based manufacturer and supplier of portable power stations, meeting the needs of wholesale and OEM service clients across the globe. The portable solar power stations have various voltage options especially designed for dealers, wholesalers, contractors, and end users.

Here’s what you’ll get when inquiring about Sunly portable power station specifications, including power voltage output, Capacity, cycle life, charging modes, etc.,

  • AC output – 220V/110V
  • Nominal Capacity – 96Ah
  • Rated Capacity – 320Wh
  • USB output – USB QC3.0*3
  • DC input – 15V/4A
  • DC output – 2*12V/10A max
  • AC inverter US – 300W continues, 350W peak

The sunly portable power station is one of the best because it’s high temperature tolerant, user-friendly, ensures safety, has multiple charging options, etc.

2. EcoFlow Delta Pro

Delta Pro portable power station is a fan-favorite, having a successful Kickstarter campaign. Going by the reviews on Amazon.com, the device has a huge battery and inverter capacity, USB mode, is expandable with a battery and electrical panel, and has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Hoping to go for this brand? Its portable power station specifications are listed below;

  • Charge cycles – 3500 cycles to 80% capacity
  • Battery capacity – 3600Wh / 3600W
  • Weight and volume – 45kg, 75L
  • Ports – 6 DC, 5 AC sockets
  • Charging time – Full charge in 2.7h
  • Running cost – 1$/Wh

In addition to powering portable devices, the EcoFlow Delta Pro brand has pushed its innovation forward by powering a small bungalow with a battery-based generator.

3. Jackery Explorer 1500

When it comes to high-quality power stations, the Jackery brand stands out. Established by an ex-Apple engineer in 2012, The explorer 1500 is no different since it’s an extension of their product line. An essential upgrade is its faster charging times, bigger battery, and powerful inverter. The Explorer model still passes out as the best-seller product on Amazon, mainly because of its excellent customer support.

Jackery Explorer 1500 portable power station specifications include;

  • Charge circles – 500 cycles to 80% capacity
  • Capacity – 1534Wh / 1800W
  • Weight and volume – 15.5kg, 30L
  • Inverter efficiency – 85%
  • Ports – 4 DC, 3 AC sockets
  • Charge time – Full charge in 4h
  • Running cost – 1.04$/Wh

Additionally, the Explorer 1500 is made of lithium-ion battery technology, which starts to degrade after 500 charge cycles. It also addresses the limitations of previous models, enhancing higher input voltage.

4. Anker 757

Anker brand is known to make outstanding products, and its 757 isn’t an exception. Protection against power cuts in workplaces and homes is now made easy with Anker 757 portable power station. Surprisingly, its portable power station is small yet versatile and powerful.

Here’s why you should select Anker 757 to satisfy your business concerns;

  • Backed by a years warranty
  • Over 3000 charge cycles in its lifetime
  • LFP battery chemistry present
  • 90% inverter efficiency
  • Plenty of output sockets


Since portable power stations are lifesavers, selecting the best brand for your business is imperative, as discussed in this guide. Do further research concerning these brands to make an informed decision for your business.

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