The Best Ways to Stop a Leg Cramp Dead in Its Tracks

The pain of leg cramps hit most of us at some point.

It doesn’t matter if you are physically active, infirm, young or old.

This horrible ailment can have a debilitating impact on our lives. It can interrupt our sleep, stop us from walking, and cause excruciating pain.

You don’t have to rush to the medicine cabinet, though.

We have a list of natural leg cramp relief options for you to try that can help to ease your symptoms without relying on medication, so keep reading!

1. Drink Pickle Juice

It won’t sound appealing to everyone, but studies suggest drinking pickle juice can help reduce the length of an outbreak of leg cramp, making it a great source of leg cramp relief.

Leg cramps involve our muscles contracting, and pickle juice contains a lot of vinegar, which is known to relax muscles.

2. Try Apple Cider Vinegar

We’re not always good at getting the right nutrients in our diet, and a potassium or magnesium deficiency could be causing your leg cramp issues.

Apple cider vinegar, which is rich in potassium, can help alleviate these deficiencies and get your body back to full health.

3. Stretch Your Aching Muscles

It is important to stretch your leg muscles if you are suffering from cramps, to promote blood flow and to help move around any lactic acid buildup, as this can cause your pain in the first place.

Want to know how to stretch your legs properly? Follow the instructions in this guide.

4. Rehydrate Yourself with Water

Alongside all the other reasons, drinking plenty of water is essential if you want to help keep leg cramps at bay. If you have been exercising, for instance, you may have lost a lot of water through sweat.

Make sure you keep up your water intake, as dehydration can be a major cause of leg cramps.

5. Try a Cold Compress on Your Leg

A cold compress using ice can help decrease the blood circulating your leg, as well as reduce any internal swelling. By decreasing the blood flow, you are allowing your muscles to relax.

It’s a great natural leg cramp relief that you can try at home with ease, but remember to only keep the ice applied to your leg for a limited time.

6. Eat a Selection of Seeds and Nuts

If you don’t fancy trying apple cider vinegar, eating a variety of seeds and nuts can help solve a deficiency problem. They’re often a rich source of magnesium or potassium, so try a selection to help alleviate your symptoms.

If you are wondering about any other foods with health benefits, take a look through some of our health food guides.

7. If Cold Doesn’t Suit You, Try a Warm Compress

If you find that a cold compress doesn’t do the trick, try a warm compress instead.

The heat will help to increase the blood flow, which can help remove waste like lactic acid, as well as deliver any much-needed oxygen and nutrients that are lacking.

8. Try Natural Leg Cramp Relief Solutions

Leg cramps aren’t usually a sign of a serious problem. They can be down to too much exercise, our age, or just needing to up our water intake.

By trying our natural leg cramp relief tips above, you should hopefully find a solution that helps ease your pain quickly.

However, if you are concerned about persistent, frequent leg cramps, be sure to consult a medical professional.

If you have enjoyed our tips, take a look through some of our other home remedy guides and leave us a comment below.

Kirsty Wark

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