What Do You Need to Be a Security Guard?

In today’s security landscape, becoming a security guard is no longer about keeping criminals away from innocent people. According to their security guard duties, security guards are now required to perform a wide range of tasks. Depending on the security guard company, you may be required to complete one of these tasks. If you are thinking of becoming a security guard in Toronto, you’re in the right place. This article will give you a glimpse into what you need to know about becoming a security guard in Toronto.

Security Guard Duties

A security guard job can involve performing a variety of different tasks. Some of the most common duties of a security guard include:

  • Handling cash and valuables
  • Controlling access to secure areas
  • Maintaining order during protests and demonstrations
  • Checking identification at entrances to venues
  • Monitoring CCTV cameras for suspicious behaviour
  • Responding to fire alarms, medical emergencies, and other urgent situations promptly

These are just a few tasks required of a security guard. That’s why you must know your duties before applying for the position. This article is not meant to list out all the responsibilities involved with becoming a security guard but instead, provide an overview of some of the most common ones.

Security Guard Training

One of the first things you will need to do when becoming a security guard in Toronto is gain training. There are several places in Toronto where you can get security guard training, but you want to make sure COR accredits it. This measure ensures that your training has been deemed satisfactory and you will be able to work as a security guard.

Training for security guards includes lessons like safety and emergency response, dealing with disruptive individuals, and how to handle various types of weapons. You will learn many foundational skills that every security guard needs to know, such as using pepper spray or handcuffs on an individual. Security guards also need to know CPR and other life-saving techniques to help someone in peril. Training for security guards typically takes about four weeks. It covers all core skills necessary for your role, making the process much easier than without this basic knowledge. Once you can secure a security guard licence, you can start looking for employment.

Places of Employment

As a security guard, your duties can be rather straightforward. However, depending on your employer, they can vary. When you’re a security guard, you’re expected to protect various places and people. You can provide security from multiple areas, including safeguarding the premises at shopping centres, banks, or sports facilities. Other locations include work at airports, conventions, parking lots, or construction sites. Additionally, ensuring security in public buildings such as hospitals, museums, and art galleries. It’s best to understand what type of working environment you may be exposed to and apply according to your capabilities and suitability.

Finding Employment

If you are interested in this career and want to become a security guard, you first need to attend an interview.

A job interview is your opportunity to show the company that you would be a good fit for the position. While there are various tasks that private security guards can perform, not all jobs require the same qualifications. Prepare for the job interview by researching the company beforehand so that you know exactly how they operate. That’s why it’s important to read up on what qualities the company values in their security guards so that you show you align with their goals and expectations. It would help if you also studied security guard focused interview questions alongside general interview questions.

Considering the nature of the job, you can expect to be screened in different ways to ensure you’re a good candidate during the hiring process. Security guard companies in Toronto will run background checks on you and even conduct drug testing in some cases. However, this shouldn’t be a problem after gaining a security guard licence – since they do the same thing when you enrol in training.

Hopefully, this article helped illustrate what you need to become a security guard and the expectations and standards for when you become one.

Jeremy Bowen

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