10 Apps that Make Business Easier On the Go

The growing dependence on the internet has made everything movable. Whether it’s a personal chat with your near and dear ones or doing business with overseas clients, you can simply perform everything on the go. And to make things possible, here we have a robust suite of smart apps, each of which is highly effective in performing business and weighing profits. So, take a look at the following apps.

1. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can make your online business thrive better. With this app, you can easily check the performance of all your sites, apps, and offline channels just by a few simple clicks. Google’s analytics solutions will amazingly help you turn customer insights into real gains. Additionally, it helps you weigh your gains and loss just perfectly even when you are not sitting on your desk.

2. Xero accounting

It’s basically an accounting software that helps you perform the job in a few simple clicks. It gives you fast results without even worrying about accuracy. In fact, Xerois the perfect alternative of QuickBooks. UseXero accounting software to effectively manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping & similar functions like this.

3. Hootsuite

You probably have invested a lot in your public relations management. Maybe you have already had a team of experienced public relations professionals who are constantly working on managing your brand’s image. Hold on! You can now accomplish it effectively and that too at a reduced cost. With Hootsuite, you can easily enhance your social media management and that too when you are on the go. It’s a leading social media dashboard and helps you manage multiple networks and profiles and effectively evaluate your campaign results.

4. Email handling apps (like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, domain email support account)

Email is an integral part of every business and when you can have it without any hassle, there’s nothing like it. Simply install any of these apps on your Smartphone or tablet and carry on all your business communications via this platform. With it, you do not even have to wait for the traditional set up of a desktop. No matter where you are, you can easily send emails to your clients ( and receive from them too) if you have the access to internet connections.

5. PayPal

A business is useless unless it gets money from its potential clients. But, for that, you don’t have to go to the bank to get check payments. Because you have PayPal, you can easily accept international payments just by a few clicks on your mouse. These online payment systems can be accessed from any part of the globe and the process takes not more than a few minutes. Simply download the app.

6. Skype

Skype has made direct communication much easier and hassle-free. Simply download the app and chat with your potential clients whenever you want. From video/audio chat to normal text chat, you can do anything over here. Also, you can share multimedia files via Skype.

7. Fiverr

What else should you need if you have an online marketplace that gives you access to a wide consumer network across the world? Fiverr does the same for you. Simply download the app and buy and sell the best services at attractive prices.

8. Dropbox

If you do not have enough space to store that urgent fie of yours, turn to Dropbox. The Dropbox app comes up with an intuitive interface, thus allowing users to keep their files into cloud storage.

9. Unsplash

Whatever is your business area, it’s nothing without a photo. Let Unsplash take care of your mind-blowing photos without even worrying about the photo quality. And everything you can perform on the move.

10. Mailchimp email subscription

For a successful business, you will always need a great email. Avail Mailchimp email subscriptions, to design attractive email newsletters and accordingly share them on social networks. With this app, you can easily integrate these emails with your existing services and evaluate your results.

So what are you waiting for? Check if your Smartphone is already having these features.

Kirsty Wark

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