How to Make a Deadpool Costume Step-By-Step

If you are one of those crazy fans of Deadpool, obviously the mutant sphere of all good guys is certainly not for you. Whether it’s a Halloween or an exciting comedy night with your friends, becoming a Deadpool is undoubtedly fun. But, what if we make the entire scenario more interesting just for you? Something, that would help you get the most of becoming a Deadpool ( the character in itself). Isn’t it pretty interesting? So, we are here to tell you about the Deadpool costume that you can make, all yourself in just a few hours. Sounds unbelievable? Check it out here.

Requirements for the Project

  • Red long-sleeved spandex shirt and leggings
  • Red & Black fabric and acrylic paint
  • Canvas belt
  • The bulk of phone cases
  • Measuring tape and scissors
  • 1/2-inch elastic
  • Thread and needle

 Step One- Design the Shirt and the Leggings

Start by covering up the commercial logo that might appear on the red long-sleeved spandex shirt with red fabric paint. Once the paint gets dried up, outline the arms and shoulder area in such a way that it looks like the costume has cap sleeves resembling the Deadpool’s original outfit. Now take out a diamond-shaped pattern right at the center. Now paint the entire shirt in black leaving the diamond-shaped part. The diamond-shaped part will be painted red. Now place the tape in such a way that the shirt a perfect V-pattern. Cut it accordingly. Now, place the tape again in the waist section, so that it widens into an upside-down V down the bottom. Pain it black and get the tape removed once it’s dry. Again use the tape two to make an outline of the outside thigh area. It will be rectangular in shape and extend up to the middle of the thigh. Paint the rectangles black, but make sure that the painted black part does not come in the front of your legs.

Step Two- Make the Garter and Belt

Once the shirt is done, the next step is to make the canvas belt and the garter. Start with the canvas belt and paint it red. Now attach a phone case with the red canvas belt. Now take an elastic and cut a section of it that perfectly matches the measurement of your mid-thigh. Sew the elastic ends and paint it black. Now paint the other phone cases black. Slide them with the elastic once the paint is dried.

Step Three- The Facemask

The facemask has to be closed from all ends, only leaving the eyes. Simply sew it from all sides from chin to forehead. Measure your eye area by placing the tape at the corner of your eyes. Cut the measured area from the ski mask. The central part of the ski mask will resemble a butterfly.

And that’s it. The project is over and now you have an awesome Deadpool costume, completely designed by yourself. Isn’t it an absolute fun? Share your views with us and don’t forget to post the pictures of the costumes designed by you.

Jane Hill

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