8 Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Home

One reason a lot of people sell their home is for retirement. It makes sense if you want to move to a new location or downsize. As you get older, you may want a change of scenery or less space to take care of. This leads you to the question about what to do with your current home.

It’s not easy leaving the house where you’ve lived for a long period of time. You’ve created memories, watched your kids grow up, and overcome adversities. Your home is more than just a structure. It’s a place that holds sentimental value, which makes it a difficult transition out of it. Make it easier on yourself by planning ahead. See tips for preparing to sell your home.

Deciding Where to Live

Start by determining where you might want to live. Do research, make a list, and begin narrowing it down to a few top locations. Knowing you’re going someplace that excites you will help you accept the transition. You don’t have to know exactly where you’re going before you start getting your home ready to sell. Have an idea and be committed to making the change so you’re prepared if the transaction goes through quickly.

Clean & Organize

The more you can get rid of and donate upfront, the easier the upcoming move will be on you. Organize closets, clear out the basement, and make sure each item has a place to live. Remove the clutter and chaos before all of the packings begins. This also includes projects like washing your windows and organizing the garage. Start setting aside time on the weekends to begin tackling some of these tasks. If you give yourself enough time, it won’t feel as hard on you. You’ll probably find there’s a lot you no longer use or need and will feel relieved to see it all go.


This may be all you need to refresh your carpets and make it look presentable for buyers. Check if your other floors, like the wood ones, can be refinished or need to be completely replaced. Start pricing out the projects and budgeting for what changes you’ll need to make. You’ve likely had your flooring for a while and will notice that you have a lot of wear and tear to manage. That’s why it’s important to sit down with an expert and talk about your options before diving right in and overspending.

Kitchen & Bath Updates

Really focus on your kitchen and bathrooms. These are the rooms that get the most foot traffic and are immediately noticed when touring a home. They’re the rooms that homeowners love to admire and talk about. It’s very important that yours are updated and attractive to buyers. Evaluate the countertops, appliances, flooring, and cabinets. Consult with a contractor to get their input on modern styles and materials. Since these are the most critical rooms in the home, it’s smart to begin putting your money into these projects first. If you do it soon enough, you’ll even have time to enjoy the updates for a little while.

General Repairs

Go around your home and make notes of small projects that you or a professional can quickly repair or fix. Attend to leaky faucets, broken toilets, and clogged drains. Grab a paintbrush and add a fresh coat of paint to rooms and trim. Also, patch holes and replace light switches. Keep your eyes peeled for easy updates you and a spouse or contractor can make during the course of a weekend. These are minor repairs, but they make a big difference when the time comes to sell. The less the inspector finds to add to his or her list the better.

Improve Your Landscaping

Step outside and get working on your landscaping. Trim bushes and trees and plant attractive flowers. Weed the garden and keep your lawn looking immaculate. Touch up any mulch and add color to your beds. Make sure nothing is overgrown or sloppy looking. Add a water feature or two for an extra touch of beauty. Analyze your patio and make sure it’s the way you want it to look for potential buyers. If you no longer want to or can’t attend to the landscaping, hire a service to help you so it’s sure to be done on a regular schedule. You never know who’ll be driving or stopping by.

Curb Appeal

In addition to landscaping, curb appeal should be high up on your list when you’re preparing to sell your home. Think about how many people are going to be driving by and viewing your home online once the for sale sign is up. Even before it is, you want to build a positive reputation for your property. For those who can’t make it in your home, their only way to judge it is from the outside. Pay special attention to the front entry. Paint the front door and place attractive décor on the stoop. Notice all that makes up the outside like your mailbox, driveway, and landscaping.

Consult with an Expert

Take time to meet with a realtor and contractor to pick their brain about where it would be most beneficial to invest your money. Inquire about the type of projects and materials that will give you the best return on your investment. After you have their input, be sure to not just take their word for it and do the research yourself to confirm their suggestions. If you’re still unsure, find a second or third opinion. There’s nothing wrong with getting some professional guidance along the way.


Getting ready to sell your home can be emotionally draining, and it’s also a big relief once it’s all done. Be smart about how you go about it by organizing early and planning accordingly. Enjoy the process because it goes fast. These are tips for preparing to sell your home.

Jeremy Bowen

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