24 Hours In Manchester: Things to Do and See

Manchester is a bubbling and exciting place to be with varieties of places to see and have a fun time. The real question is, what can be done in 24 hours as the time does not even seem enough anymore?

Especially in a beautiful city like Manchester, time passes away so fast. The city of Manchester has almost everything needed to make your break interesting. Or in what other city could you combine football, trendy music, Roman ruins, and so many other attractions?

Make sure to take a camera along as you’d want to capture all of the eclectic places and eye-catching architecture.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Manchester?

For a city like Manchester, there is no bad or good time to visit as every holiday comes with its peculiarity. The positive effect of this is that you can choose to pack your bags at any time of the year to come to spend time here. Nevertheless, Manchester is known for unprecedented downpours, so it is advisable to have an umbrella in your bag or luggage.

Also, if you plan to watch football while you are there, you would have to check ahead of time if your favourite teams are playing anytime soon. This is to be able to plan your trip towards that season.

How Do I Get Around Manchester?

No one wants to come to a strange city and get lost, so this is one of the questions on your mind especially if you’ve never been here before. Fortunately, Manchester is a compact city which means that it is very easy to get around and most places are accessible by foot.

Also, the tram network is a good way to get around, especially if you are going a distance. An alternative way to also aid transiting is the yellow free city bus. You can board and alight at your convenience. And it is not a struggle to spot the bus stops as you move around Manchester city.

If you are considering spending 24 hours away from work in Manchester, we have drafted up the perfect activities for you to engage in.

9:00 Am – Start With Breakfast

You don’t want to start your adventure on an empty stomach so as not to get cranky. At the same time, you do not want to overfill yourself with food to avoid getting tired or sleepy early in the day. At Federal Café Bar, the best coffee to start your day is served. And they serve varieties of mouth-watering breakfasts. They also have one of the best customer services in all of Manchester.

Asides from the food, get ready to be swept off your feet by the interior of this café.

10:00 AM – Feed Your Eyes

One thing you would enjoy doing in Manchester is taking a walk around the city and soaking in all of its beauty in terms of its street art and grand buildings. Street art is a major aspect of Manchester’s culture and it is recommended to see them all. You can get some funky pictures here and they would always bring back sweet memories when you view them.

11:00 AM – John Rylands Library

This library is also a perfect attraction site. Opens on Wednesday from 10 am-2 pm and 1:30 pm-5 pm. The inside of the library is compared to something out of Harry Potter and it is a must-see. Going there at this time would save you from a lot of crowds as they would just be opening up for the day

12:00 PM – Museums And Galleries

Manchester is home to so many museums and you might even be confused about which to choose. Some of the bests are;

  • The National Football Museum- is just around the corner from Manchester Cathedral.
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • Manchester Museum
  • The Science and Industry Museum
  • The Imperial War Museum North.

1:00 PM – Lunch

At this point, you are most likely worn out from sightseeing and hungry due to a very light breakfast. To refuel, you need to visit the best place to recompensate for all of the exciting stress. The people know how to have a nice meal and there are quite several places to get this satisfaction from.

Looking for the best pizza hut? Noi Quattro is your plug. The staff here are kind and super helpful.

2:30 PM- Visit Manchester Town Hall

This gallery is free to enter and it is one of the best places to learn about all of Manchester’s art history. Also, a place to admire paintings and art by intentional artists. Even if you are not deeply into the art, this place is a must-see as it is capable of helping you travel back in time through the paintings.

4:00 PM – Visit Old Trafford

If you are a football fan, you can’t come to this city and not visit one of Manchester’s two premier league football stadiums. You get to see in person what you see afar off on your television sets and phones. You get a peak of the dressing rooms, as well as walking from the tunnel to the pitch. Note that tours don’t operate on match days, so do well to make inquiries and plan ahead of time.

7:00 PM – Food

Mackie Mayor is a good option. They have independent food stalls for all meals you could crave, all in one place. Thereby giving you a lot of options. From homemade pasta to barbeque to fish tacos and many more. Also, ensure that you get a table early as the place gets filled up pretty early.

8:30 PM – Drinks

What better way to round up the night than drink all by yourself or in a group if you came with one? The vibes at Albert’s Schloss will intrigue you. There’s also a photo booth downstairs that you should visit to seal up all of the memories.

Other Activities/Places

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