5 Portable Mobile Stands that You Need

Mobile stands are essential smartphone accessories used in offices, homes, etc. These holders are helpful and portable for decks. Are you stuck in a video call meeting or watching a movie while preparing a recipe? The least you want to do is hold your phone throughout the session.

With the advancement in technology today, mobile stands provide you with the comfort and convenience you desire while keeping up with your meeting on Google Meet, Zoom, or any other platform.  Let’s take this further by discussing the 5 portable mobile stands that you need in this specialized area.

Portable Mobile Stands for Phones and Laptops

A portable mobile stand lets us position your device right before you while enjoying the experience. It is foldable, adjustable, and convenient, and you can carry it along wherever you wish. Here are a few ones you can order in the market.

GIZGA Multi-Angle Portable & Universal Stand

GIZGA Multi-Angle stand is compatible with smartphones and tablets. The mobile phone holder is foldable and can hold tablets and laptops of about 7 to 10 inches. The phone accessory is made of high-quality environmental engineering plastic material, making it portable to travel with. Most mobile stand manufacturers have come up with portable holders of different styles and colors that are compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Its design makes it easy to store. It can fit nicely into your briefcase or luggage. You can also fold it in your bag or place it in your pocket.

Lamicall Vertical Laptop Stand LN14

Lamicall offers you excellent laptop stands that are simple and classic. The mobile stands are designed with convenience and portability in view, making them compatible with various scenarios and places you can bring them to.

The laptop stand is made with the highest grade of ABS plastic, silicone, metal alloys, and other materials supervised under advanced technology. The design focuses on providing ease and boosting efficiency for you.

Daily Objects Fluid Arch Phone Stand

The Daily Objects Fluid Arch Phone Stand is a nifty bracket that supports your mobile device. It’s available in different colors, easy to install, and with a single tap, you can unfold it. The stand is coated with silicone, making it anti-slip. With this feature, you’re sure that your mobile phone or tablet won’t slip off the rack.

Dual Foldable Phone Tablet Stand

This mobile phone accessory stand is simple with a minimal design, offering a sleek fashionable look. The dual-foldable phone tablet can be adjusted to portrait and landscape viewing angles. The device is built with durable aluminum alloy to serve you longer than expected. It is universally compatible with 4 to 8-inch smartphones and mini laptops.

Striff Multi Angel Mobile Stand

The stiff mobile stand is made of high-quality ABS material. The frame can be adjusted to hold your phone or tablet in a portrait or landscape-safe mode. You can easily slip the stand into your bag or place it by your bedside at home or your office desk.

The 10 viewing angles range from 0 to 100 degrees and can be adjusted to your preferred angle. To prevent your mobile device from sliding, the rubber pads at the bottom provide the security that your phone needs.


No doubt, mobile stand accessories are a part of technological inventions. These inventions not only make life comfortable and easy for us, but they also make it a pleasurable one. Having a portable mobile stand accessory takes off the worries and stress that have to do with multitasking.


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