Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Specifications and Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are the newest Galaxy hearable model, featuring 2-way speakers, long-lasting playback, and three mics.

These are Samsung’s next-gen earbuds. At first, glance looks pretty much the same as the original Galaxy Buds. They still classy and I really like their minimal design. They have the same exact measurements.

But there’s a lot of improvements inside of them. Now you’ll see the three core colors. They were black, light blue and white. But the biggest improvement with the buds plus is battery life. And they make this huge jump with 11-hour battery life and then an additional 11 hour using the charging case. So that’s a total of 22 hours. So that is a huge welcome leap in battery life.

Now, sound quality-wise. The buds plus bring a new to a dynamic speaker with a dedicated woofer and tweeter and each bud.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Wireless Earbuds Specs

There are also now 3 microphones on the Budd’s plus with 2 on the outside and then 1 on the inside. So the hope is that this improves the voice quality for them. They will still connect over Bluetooth 5.0, but you can now pair the buds plus to multiple devices at once. At the time, this previous Samsung, they didn’t clarify how many devices. Is it just two or could it be even more than two?

The previous model could only connect to one at a time, and just having that flexibility is kind of what we expect with wireless earbuds. Now there will also be easy access to Spotify with a one-touch shortcut on the exterior touchpad and just a sign of the growing partnership. The Budd’s Plus has the same dimensions but will weigh slightly heavier with all this new tech inside. They’ll be available first online on February the 14th for $149 and then they will be available in stores on March the 6th. Find out the Galaxy Buds Plus specs here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus Specifications:

  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Sound by AKG
  • The 2-way speaker with tweeter (for high notes) and woofer (for bass)
  • 3 mics (one inner mic, two outer beam-forming mics) Ambient Sound

Long-lasting Battery Life

  • 11 hours of music playback or 7.5 hours talk time on a single charge
  • Additional 11 hour music playback or 7.5 hours talk time with charging case
  • Charging Case: 270mAh (typical) • Qi-certified wireless charging
  • Earbuds: 85mAh (typical)
  • 60 minutes playback with just 3 minutes of quick charging (wired, wireless or device-to-device)

Enhanced Connectivity

  • Easy device pairings and switching
  • Customizable earbud tap-and-hold actions

Comfort & Personalization

  • 3 sizes of wingtips and ear tips provided in-box
  • 3 Galaxy Buds+ color choices (Blue, White, Black)

Samsung Galaxy Buds: Official Introduction Video and Specs


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