How Custom LED Light Up Signs Are Better Than Traditional Neon Signs

Back in the 19th century, we got the stylish lighting named neon sign. It is made from glass tubes containing neon gas and needs a power supply to glow. LED neon signs come in different designs, colours, sizes, and shapes. You can find text or image-based neon lights signs for your space. People also create a custom neon sign as per their choice. LED custom neon signs are modern neon signs that people use for their homes, business locations, and events.

Personalized neon sign is in demand among the customers. You can also use them as night lights at your home. They provide multiple benefits than traditional neon light signs. In this article, we will discuss custom light-up signs and why they are better than the glass neon signs, so keep reading and do not miss any single thing:

About Custom Light Up Signs

Sometimes, it is possible that you can’t able to find the perfect premade neon sign for your place. In this situation, you can buy a custom LED neon sign from an online neon shop. The best thing about these neon signs is that you can choose any colour, font, size, and shape for them. These neon lights project a message in bright colors. You can create a hot pink neon sign with any font or size you like.

These custom neon signs LED come with a clear acrylic backing and pre-drilled holes for easy installation. It is easy to purchase custom new signs online. You can create an account and then use payment options like apple pay diners.

Design Process For A Custom Neon Sign

The customer has created custom neon signs through online neon shops without any tension. You have to follow some steps and, your custom neon sign will be ready in less time. Below, you can check the process and exact requirements to create an energy-efficient custom neon sign for your space:

  • Open an online neon shop site on your device and create an account.
  • After that, you can use their customization tool and design a custom new sign for your space.
  • Now, you can type your text and select font, color, and size for the custom neon sign.
  • After that, you can add the custom neon sign to your cart and checkout. Now, you have to make a payment to place your order.

Uses Of LED Custom Neon Signs

You can use custom neon signs at different places. A warm white, green, orange or blue custom-made neon sign is best to use at home. Custom neon light signs are perfect for use in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, man cave, and more. After that, you can create a custom neon sign from the best materials for your business location.

Creating custom neon signs of your business names or logos is the best option. An open neon sign is also best for outdoor use at your shop. Using a custom neon sign at a wedding or party is also a good decision. You can create a neon sign of the bride and groom’s name.

Custom LED Light Up Signs

Why Custom Neon Signs Are Better Than Traditional Neon Signs

There are many benefits of using LED custom neon signs in your place. Below, you can see how they are better than the glass neon light signs:

Easy Installation

The custom LED neon signs are easy to install in your space as they are lightweight and come with acrylic backing and pre-drilled holes. You can also use a LED neon sign at multiple places. After using a neon sign at a party, you can reuse it at your home. Talking about traditional glass neon signs, they are heavy and not easy to install.


Custom LED wall signs are more affordable to use than traditional neon signs. Custom LED signs do not charge much energy, and there will be no great effect on your electricity bill. After investing in this neon sign, you do not have to spend money on its maintenance. Traditional glass neon signs require maintenance and also use much electricity.


You can use custom LED neon signs at your business location for advertisement purposes. They have helped many businesses to attract customers to their shops. Many bars, clubs, and restaurants use a custom neon sign of their name or logo on their outdoor side. Anyone can notice this neon signage at night time from a long distance.

Energy Saving

A LED neon sign saves plenty of energy than a traditional neon sign. Custom LED neon signs do not need much electricity to lighten your space. On the other hand, you cannot save much electricity with a traditional glass neon sign. These signs are also harmful to the environment as they release hazardous gases. So, add brightness to your space with energy-saving custom LED signs.

Safe To Use

Custom LED neon signs are safe to use as they do not have toxic gases and glass. On the other hand, there is a risk of damage to a traditional neon sign due to its breakable glass. Also, they have toxic gases that are not good for your health.


Custom LED neon signs are long-lasting than traditional neon signs. The personalised LED signs are not breakable like glass neon signs. A custom LED neon sign has a life of around six years.

Cost Of Custom Neon Signs

Many people have created the best quality custom neon signs to light up their homes. You can also buy the perfect custom LED neon signs from online neon shops at an affordable price range.

Also, note that the price of a custom LED neon sign depends on the factors such as letters, size, font, colour, and more.

Delivery Of Custom Neon Signs

It is best to order custom neon signs online because of convenience. You do not have to go anywhere to buy these neon signs. Many online neon shops deliver custom LED neon signs in countries like the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and more. They take around some weeks to deliver your custom neon products to your doorstep.

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