4 Reasons to Go on Adventurous Honeymoon

Honeymoons have come a long way since their humble beginnings as a “bridal tour” – a trip taken to visit those who couldn’t make the wedding. (Yes, really!) Nowadays honeymoons involve romance, relaxation, and seclusion, as well as beautiful destinations like the Caribbean or Europe.

While many couples seek out beaches and resorts for their honeymoons, if you’re the unconventional type, an adventurous honeymoon could be for you. If a week at the beach doesn’t excite you, think about taking an African safari, backpacking through Asia, trekking over mountains, going on an epic road trip, or ziplining through the rainforest. Though these types of trips can still include romance and relaxation, they give you a healthy dose of thrill, too.

So, why might you choose an adventurous honeymoon over a traditional one?

You only get one honeymoon. Make it count!

Sure, you and your partner can create amazing memories anywhere – but there’s nothing like starting off your married life with a bang! You only get married once, so why not apply that same thinking to your honeymoon? It’s an opportunity to experience something you might not otherwise do.

Plus, if you’ve always wanted to take an adventurous trip, there’s no time like your honeymoon to do it. In the U.S., 41% of us won’t use all of our vacation time this year. Honeymoons, though, are one of the few times in your life when most people expect you to get away. So before you jump back into real life and responsibility, use your honeymoon to take a trip to somewhere different, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

Adventure is good for you!

Some studies suggest that novelty is good for our brains. It improves our memories and it boosts our creativity and enjoyment of the world around us. Experiencing something new can even make time feel like it’s slowing down because our brain takes more time to process things it hasn’t seen before.

In addition the psychological benefits, planning a big trip can bring you and your partner closer together. Much like wedding planning, you’ll have to merge your interests, priorities, and budget, compromising so that you both get a trip that you’ll enjoy. You’ll improve your communication skills as you figure out how to balance preferences.

And if you like trip planning, it can be a much-needed break from wedding planning. When you can’t look at another color swatch, you can switch to finding the perfect place to watch the sunset in paradise.

It can be more affordable.

So maybe you’re on board with the excitement of going somewhere new and exotic, but you’re thinking: I can’t afford it!

While any trip can end up expensive, consider that many nontraditional locations are just as, if not more, affordable as popular resorts and getaways. Especially if you’re thinking of backpacking or trekking, plenty of destinations will cost you a lot less than a traditional honeymoon.

And with the continued fall of fuel prices, 2021 may well be one of the best years for international travel in years.

Make your trip fit your unique style.

As weddings trend more and more towards unique celebrations that express who you are as a couple, honeymoons are no different. Adventure can be defined in many ways, so go on a honeymoon that captures all the things you and your partner love!

Jeremy Bowen

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