5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Weddings are always special. Be it a grand gala or a simple private affair, the very feeling of getting hitched with your soulmate brings a sense of fulfillment. Your wedding is a celebration of love and it deserves to be a special sin in every possible way. So, here we have five great tips to rev up your wedding plan and make it more special.

Plan it on any Special Day

Planning your D-Day on any special occasion such as Christmas or New Year gives it a new meaning. First of all, such occasions are always about fun, frolic, and laughter. And when you are planning your dates on such special occasions, the fun doubles up. The celebration becomes a memorable affair.

Invest in Decor

Decor plays a significant role in making any wedding special. Don’t just spend on anything which is gorgeous. Be selective when you are spending on decor items. Get a theme first of all and try to stick with it. Make sure that the decor items are perfectly in line with the theme. For example, you are planning for a Latin country theme for your wedding. So, there should be Papel Picado, the Barn, a Cuban cigar bar, and a Cuban band to compliment the theme.

Having a Guestbook

That’s a new idea and it’s indeed unique. Having a guestbook at your wedding will allow your loved guests to write about you. Whether it’s the best wishes on their part or blessings of the elders, the guests can write down their true feelings on the guestbook. It will make your d day even more happening and memorable. And you can do it in the most unique way. For example, you are a globetrotter, and traveling is your only hobby. So, you can ask your guests to write their notes on the globe.

A themed cake

It’s the latest trend of the season. Deviating from the traditional cake, at themed cake will help you ignite the passion even more. Get an outdoor themed cake, in case you always love to be under the sky.

Favours or Return Gift

Well, the concept is more popular on birthdays, but to make your D-Day memorable, this can be a wonderful opportunity. Grab it to make your guests feel special.

So, don’t just spoil your money on anything gorgeous just like that. Make a plan before you start shopping for your wedding. Use Gala Pal as your personal wedding party planner. From styling and decor, guest list, budget planning, and invitation, to real wedding ideas, it got you covered.

Kirsty Wark

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