Wedding Trends for 2024: Decor and Venues

In continuing our series on upcoming wedding trends for 2024, this week we are focusing on trends in ramaecor and venue choices. The decision to pair decor and venue trends seemed pretty natural to us, since decor is an intrinsic part of the overall theme and feel of your wedding. Coupling the two aspects is essentially the language of your event, how you intend to communicate the importance of the day to your guests.

We have been to a few bridal shows already this year and have noticed the trends that different vendors and brides are emphasizing for the coming year. This post is just a quick summary of what we have seen so far. We hope you enjoy it!

Dreamy Themes

Expect this trend to continue and expand in 2024. This means more sweeping landscapes, more forest weddings, and more vintage-with-a-handmade twist. At first, we thought beach boho would be the focus of 2024, but in all reality, this trend is still going strong this year.

Revisiting Pantone

We talked about Pantone in our first 2024 trends post this month. Any color trend that happens will translate directly into available decor, especially when it is so widely available as an option for flowers. We have a feeling that hydrangeas will probably surface in a lot of weddings this year, simply because they come in both Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Lush Greenery

We have seen this trend pop up on Pinterest and at recent bridal shows. Lush greens are an excellent addition to any tablescape or archway, and are excellent as hanging/overflowing centerpieces. You can create a more dramatic feel depending on how layered or thick you intend to make it. It is definitely a change from the simplistic branches or a few, simple flowers in the hair that we have seen in past years.

Sustainable Weddings

With growing awareness about environmental issues, more couples are embracing sustainable practices in their wedding planning. Consider eco-friendly biodegradable materials, locally sourced flowers, and energy-efficient lighting to reduce your ecological footprint. Outdoor, less expensive, and micro wedding is a good step in it.

Palazzo-Inspired Aesthetics

In 2024, expect to see palazzo-inspired wedding décor, including manicured garden spaces, statement floors, rich fabrics such as velvet, silk, brocade fabrics, and frescoes.

The Intimate Tablescape

This is one of those vastly dreamed-of, but never truly lived, wedding trends. Imagine one long table full of your closest friends and family celebrating your wedding with delicious food and drink (a step above the norm because you are feeding fewer people and can afford it because of that). Having a wedding with under 50 guests is not really heard of in the grand sphere of the wedding industry. However, if you can manage it without offending distant cousins, neighbors, and friends, we advocate this intimate type of setting. Embrace this trend if you can!

There are varieties of wedding decor and venue. These are just a few of them. What decor and venue trends are you seeing emerge in 2024? Let us know in the comments!

Jane Hill

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