The Night Before the Wedding: Some Tips for the Bride

The dress rehearsal just ended. You have kissed your husband-to-be goodnight and wished him a peaceful night of sleep. Your mom is rushing around, trying to get things cleaned up and prepared for the next morning. And your emotions? Well, they are everywhere. You don’t know whether to be nervous, excited, or sad that you are leaving your old life for a new one.

You change into your pajamas and climb into bed, but then realize that tomorrow is your wedding day. The last thing you should be doing right now is calling it a night at 8:30. So, you spring out of bed and start rifling through papers or scrolling through your phone, wondering what you might have forgotten.

The last thing you should be doing on the night before your wedding is stressing out about it. However, there are some things that you should remember to do so that the stress the next morning will be lessened. Below are some options and helpful resources that you can turn to the night before. So, before you lay your head down for the final time as a single woman, consider these options:


Remember, no matter what goes wrong the next day, in the end, you will be married. And that is all that should matter to you! Maybe doing some pilates will relax you. Or pull out your favorite novel and read for a bit until you feel more at ease. Remember, stressing will lead to frustration and mood changes.

Write down your feelings or a letter to your fiance

A cool idea is to write a letter for your future husband that you can have someone give to him on the morning of the wedding. That way when you walk down the aisle, not only will he see you looking gorgeous in your dress, but he will think of your words and your love for him. If you are not comfortable with this, write down your feelings in a journal or on a scrap piece of paper as a small reminder.

Check to make sure you have the rings

Believe it. The last thing you want to do is be drastically looking for your rings the next morning in the hustle and bustle of your big day. Find them and keep them in a small container, box, or bag. If you don’t have your rings yet…well, let’s just hope you are not reading this the night before your wedding. But if you are, check for a great selection of classic wedding rings!

Put together a small emergency bag

Spare bobby pins, extra cash, bandaids for those sore blisters on your feet, and extra lipstick are all the small things we forget to carry around with us. Whether in a plastic bag that you leave with your maid of honor or a beautiful clutch that you had prepared in advance, collect some last-minute things that will be useful in case of an emergency.

Watch your favorite movie

And no, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sappy romance. Pull out Wolverine if that’s what you’re feeling! But set aside some time for a task that does not require a lot of thinking. Hence, the movie.

Eat some food

Now, do not, DO NOT, gorge out on some junk food that will leave you bloated and feeling gross in the morning. Or anything that will make you break out, for that matter. Rather, eat some grapes and bananas or carrots with ranch. Go grab some fruit salad or some low-fat crackers. Don’t starve yourself, but also be careful of what you reach for on the shelf. Keeping your health well before marriage should be your priority.

Turn off your phone and get a good night’s sleep

While the only thing you probably want to do is stay up late and text your soon-to-be spouse, you should say your goodnights early on in the evening. It is understood that you both will be excited and thinking about the next day. The earlier you go to bed, the better.

See… The night before your wedding doesn’t need to be stressful! It should be quite the opposite. Take one more night to yourself and treat yourself well. Daydream about your future. Do some yoga. Eat some dark chocolate (because it is healthy). And above all, get excited, because tomorrow will be the biggest and best day of your life.

Jeremy Bowen

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