Getting Healthy for Your Wedding

Let us start with a slight disclaimer – you are beautiful the way you are. If losing weight for the wedding is your main goal, by all means, work toward that. However, if you want to make a lasting change, talk to your doctor first and see how to best do so. Above all, be safe and eat the occasional piece of cake.

Weight loss

It’s one of those generally implied things when it comes to weddings. You always hear people swear they’re going to “lose weight to fit into the dress”.

Honestly? Our best advice for you is to buy a wedding dress you feel marvelous wearing the day you try it on. If you don’t feel amazing from the beginning, you’re starting a spiral into disappointment. Love yourself as you are, because you are pretty darn perfect.

However, the time you’ve got pre-wedding is great for starting to make some real changes in your life. You’re already changing your tax filing status, maybe your living situation, and so many other things – why not make a commitment to change your health?


Do you generally feel tired all the time? Are you not as spry or flexible as you used to be? Are you easily stressed out? Here are some tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to get a little healthier and make it a permanent change:

Get some sleep. We cannot stress this enough. Sleep is good for you and we know you probably love/miss it. Take something off your to-do list once a week to allow for a lie-in or a nap during the evening hours. The extra zzz’s will make you feel more restored and will allow your brain to process, which keeps you from being stressed out. Since you aren’t stressed, your brain will stop sending messages to your body to store your nutrients. Then, out of nowhere, you might start feeling better and maybe even lose a pound or two. And that’s all through being absolutely, decadently hedonistic through the use of naps. There is no way to lose here.


Go on a walk or do some yoga. We are going to let you be super indulgent one more time. Take some time out of your day to go on a walk or do some yoga. No, it does not have to be competitive. Go at your own pace and see where you end up. You’ll find that doing these activities will give your brain more restorative time (see above) and you might even realize that you enjoy doing these things. If you find out you like working out, step it up and join a class or sign up for a race.


Eat something good for yourself. We aren’t asking you to switch to a completely vegan/paleo diet. Remember, we are fans of cake here at Gala Pal. Instead, start slow. Maybe order chicken instead of a giant burger. Eat some steamed broccoli instead of mashed potatoes with gravy. Little switches you can make without making yourself feel totally deprived.

With all of this change going on, it’s important to not get overwhelmed. Take it slowly and not all at once. Before you know it, you’ll feel better and ready to tackle any wedding planning obstacle in your way!

Jane Hill

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