5 Signs Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

What’s the best way to determine whether you need a new roof? It may not always be easy to see. Still, if any of these signs your roof needs to be replaced ring true for you, you might want to consider a renovation sometime soon.

1. The Roof Is Old or Outdated

Most experts agree that homeowners should replace their roofs after 20 to 25 years of use. This limit primarily concerns the roof’s shingles, as after this time has elapsed, ordinary shingles will inevitably begin to fail.

The roof’s age is one of the most common signs your roof needs to be replaced. You may not have any documentation on your home’s roof. If so, we recommend having your roof inspected (especially if you live in an older home). If you’ve got the receipts, you can plan to replace the roof as soon as you begin to approach this date.

2. You’ve Got Missing, Cracking, or Curling Shingles

There are many ways to describe shingle problems cupping, curling, clawing, or cracking. Whatever you want to call it, you should address these issues as soon as they occur.

Extreme temperatures and weather, age, and even your home’s ventilation system can all cause your shingles to become damaged. What’s the ideal solution? It’s best to replace the roof and take care of situations that can cause damage.

3. You’ve Got Water Damage

Leaks and cracks in your roof are one thing; the damages that water, weather, and faulty gutters can cause are quite another.

Water damage can cause roofing material to rot. It can also leak indoors and into your home’s inner construction, which will doubtlessly cause more problems (in many cases, you might not know about the issue until it’s too late).

Another problem to look out for is grit in the gutters. Finding this grit is one of the most urgent signs your roof needs to be replaced. The presence of grit from shingles is an indicator of shingle damage, which is slightly more indirect than observing the state of shingles. Grit loss may lead to water damage.

4. You’ve Got a Sagging Issue

Can a sagging roof cave in? Sometimes it’s a much safer call to replace your roof outright if the structural integrity of your home is questionable.

Many times the issue will be water damage. Try to determine the types of peril assaulting your home from the outside, and do what’s necessary to address them if your intuition raises red flags.

5. Your Neighbors Are Doing It

Yes, it sounds silly, but if your neighbors are replacing their roofs, you should interpret it as one of the many signs your roof needs to be replaced.

This reasoning goes double if you live in a housing plan, a designer neighborhood, a development, or any area where most homes were built simultaneously or from the exact blueprint.

Is It Time to Get a Roof Replacement?

If any of these signs on your roof needs to be replaced or applied to your home, it may be time to take action. There are various roofing materials to choose from if you’re considering a roof replacement. Whether you have a pitched or a flat roof, you’ll want to partner with a professional roofing company to get the job done correctly.

A faulty or damaged roof isn’t just an aesthetic issue; often, a real problem in this area poses a significant safety risk to your family and your property. Contact a professional for a roof inspection, repair, or replacement as soon as you notice issues with your roof.


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