7 Fun and Easy Indoor Table Games to Play in the Office

The workplace or office will not bore its employees if the boss or company owner adds some fun games in it. Nowadays employees want to do some fun in the office during work or during break time. Don’t think this act will consume employee time, but it can help to increase work productivity and workplace culture, and improve the employee’s mental health.

A lot of fun things that employees can do at the workplace. below are seven team-building indoor table games that your employee can play in the office easily and safely.

1. Foosball

Foosball or Table Soccer is a popular indoor game in office spaces or at home. It is easy to play, affordable, portable, and a two to four players game. In this game, each player manipulates 2-4 rods to move the ball into the opponent’s goal which has a figure attached. The game keeps you stress-free, and active, and prevents the joints from being static.

2. Table Tennis

We are all familiar with this game as it is a world popular indoor sports game. Some people also call it “ping-pong and whiff-whaff”, in which 2 or 4 players hit a small ball using small rackets. Table tennis gives many benefits such as improving hand-eye coordination, burning calories, strengthening the core muscles, improve balance and reflexes.

3. Pool Table

A pool table or billiard table is also an ideal choice for office board gaming. It may be expensive but mostly big businesses keep it in their offices so that employees can play and enjoy it. Pool table game helps to build focus, improve critical things skills, sharpen your mind, improve eyes vision, and offers fun for all. Billiard is the best multigame table game for any age peoples.

4. Chess

Chess is an inexpensive and portable board game for office activity. It is played between two players on a square board with 64 squares set up in an 8-by-8 grid. Chess game brings people closer, help you focus more, sharpen the mind, and develops creativity and problem-solving skills.

5. Carrom board

I hope we all have played this game in our childhood. Carrom board is a super-easy and time-pass board game for home and office. The Carrom board game is played on a square polished plywood board. It has 9 white discs, 9 black discs, 1 red disc, and 1 acrylic disc. carrom board increases attention, focus, sharpness, discipline, concentration, foresight, and bonding.

6. Shuffleboard Table

Table shuffleboard is another option for in-office board gaming. The players in the table shuffleboard game, push plastic and metal weighted down a smooth and long wooden table to shoot the puck and no “hook” shots. This game helps lower stress, is a great physical exercise, and builds relationships.

7. Air Hockey Table

Choosing an air hockey table is a great idea for any workplace gaming room. It is also known as “tabletop sport” where two players do the goals against each other on a slick surface table usually built out of plastic. Air Hockey game helps burn calories, adrenaline boosts, increase reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and is great fun.

Try to choose and install the above indoor table games in your office so that the employees can do more fun and increase productivity.


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