Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Best Return on Investment

Remodeling your interior can be what drives buyers’ interest, and bathrooms are a priority for most people looking to purchase a new home. It’s no secret that bathroom upgrades can be some of the most expensive, which is why we are listing bathroom remodeling ideas to earn you the best ROI and make your renovations worth it. Remember to give it a good clean before and after as it can be quite a messy job. This is why bringing in a company offering the best house cleaning San Antonio, or others like it in your area, can be a real help. Plus, you can keep them coming back for a freshen-up as much as you like, but today, let’s focus on how the remodeling can be done.

Upgrade  your bathroom with new plumbing

Out with the old, in with the new. Replacing old plumbing such as faucets, the toilet, and showerheads is one way to upscale your bathroom to appear brand new.

When switching out plumbing fixtures, apply matching sets to give your space a sleek, harmonious look. A brass faucet matching your brass hardware can tie the room together while also looking chic and only costing around $50 to $100, plus installation fees.

Replacing a toilet can be more expensive, but older toilets can use twice the amount of water than updated toilets. Eco-efficient toilets can be an appealing feature, especially for environmentally-friendly buyers.

Double vanities

What is better than one sink? Two sinks. Top real estate agents have noticed that clients have become increasingly interested in a double vanity in their main bathroom versus a single vanity.

Adding a double vanity will attract buyer attention and can earn you a better price for your home. The cost can range anywhere from $1k to $3k, but keep in mind that this investment will pay off in the long run.

Retile your shower

Retiling can seem time-consuming, but you’d be amazed at the difference retiling can make to your bathroom. The shower or tub is a focal point of what buyers see when they view your bathroom. Agents recommend retiling around your shower or tub, especially if your space contains old, grimy tiles.

The project can make your bathroom appear clean and luxe, plus you can save money by doing the job yourself.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom is to add a fresh coat of paint. The housing market is still very competitive with high prices, but applying paint is a simple task that most real estate agents highly recommend when selling your house.

A gallon of paint typically costs anywhere from $30 to $45, making this project an easy and cost-effective way to add value to your home.

Add new lighting fixtures

One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked when remodeling your bathroom is the lighting. Including quality lighting fixtures by either the best house cleaning or replacing them can be an easy way to make your room appear fresher. Having lights that can dim provides the perfect ambiance for a relaxing bath, or even just replacing the light above your vanity can cost less than $100 and brighten your space with the flip of a switch.

If you are considering putting your house up for sale, any good real estate agent would recommend renovating or remodeling to receive the best price for your home. Making updates can be costly, which is why you should be aware of which tips can earn you the best ROI (return on investment).

Jeremy Bowen

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