5 Home Decoration Ideas in 2020

Just because your home is the ultimate repose where you find solace, there should be enough consideration for its beautification. That’s what justifies your exuberant passion of keeping your home a cozy den where you love to come back after a day’s work. If you also think in the same way and planning for a facelift of your very own home, here are some hot trends of 2019. Take a look before you plan it for your home.

1. The color combinations

Quirky colors have already made their way into the scene in recent years. So, if you see the vivacious red rules the color scheme of your friend’s house, don’t get surprised. That’s the hottest trend of the season. You can try other bright colors too. Psychologists say that brightness sets in positivity. The brightness of blue and purple are also predominantly ruling this season. Choose the right and unique color palette for your home improvement.

2. Storage-friendly arrangement

Purchasing a big apartment these days is quite a challenge, especially with the skyrocketing price. Quite obviously, most of the housing facilities available these days are small, but a petite space must not be a hindrance to your storage requirements. Be wise and make the place storage-friendly. Buy furniture that is a full-fledged storage device in themselves. Converting a small attic into a study room can be experimental and if things seem fit, why not try out this new idea.

3. Floral linens

Floral linens in curtains and bedsheets are perfect at this time. Not only do they make your apartment looks bright, but also offer a wonderful visual treat. Every morning when you will wake up, there will be a new range of floral welcome. Isn’t it quite interesting?

4. Marble tiles

Marble tiles are something that increases the style quotient of any home. These bright yet matte tiles are of the highest craze. Refrain from using the age-old mosaic.

5. The Beautification of Walls

Walls play a major role in the complete decoration of the house. Keep it sleek and simple, so that nothing mars the inherent beauty of the walls. You can use paintings or any artwork to design these. Refrain from using the same thing in all the rooms.

So what are you waiting for? Take cues from this to create something really awesome at your home.

Jane Hill

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