Why You Should be Having Valentine’s Day Weddings

You have decided to have your wedding on Valentine’s Day. Congrats! Not only are you a true romantic, but you’ve also invited your friends and family to the ultimate celebration of love (both yours and theirs). It’s a total win all around.

So, now that you’re here, how will you decorate? What food will you serve? What lengths are you willing to go to hold the ultimate Valentine’s Day wedding? We suggest the following:

You Don’t Have to Use Hearts

Instead of covering everything with hearts, think ambiance instead. Go for an evening wedding, emphasize candlelight if your venue allows it. If not, keep the lighting low and play soft music in the background. Use warm colors throughout your theme. You could even have a themed wedding from your favorite romantic movie (Princess Bride’s wedding needs to happen, please).

We aren’t saying that you can’t use hearts – definitely do so if you love them. However, think of ways you can conjure them without displaying them.

Since we got the category above out of the way, put hearts on everything. It looks completely adorable.

Go decadent. Pick a specialty drink that screams romance. Leave dark chocolate-based party favors on the tables. Have champagne for more than just the toast. If you can swing it, serve oysters or have a chocolate fountain. Basically, conjure up any type of food that screams romance or decadence and serve it. Your guests will be in a romantic mood in no time.

Let Everyone Know That It’s Their Party, Too

Let’s admit that you are scheduling your wedding on a holiday, one that couples sometimes want to spend alone. You might be putting your wedding up against some pre-made romantic plans for a few couples. Show the people that come to your Valentine’s Day wedding that you really appreciate the fact that they may have made a sacrifice for you. Take a special moment in the reception or ceremony to thank them and make sure that it’s a romantic affair for everyone. Find ways to really up the romance. Have a picture booth, have special dances (like the one where you pare down the group until the people who have been married longest are the only ones left), etc.

Do anything you can to make everyone there feel loved and special. That’s really what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Have you had Valentine’s Day wedding? How did it go and what did you do to make it special? Let us know in the comments!

Jeremy Bowen

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