How New Apple Watch 4 can Help to Improve your Health and Fitness

Apple unveiled a new Apple Watch Series 4 on 12 September 2018 from the Steve Jobs Theater, California. This watch has a 30% larger display. A new Breathe watches face “guides you through a deep breath”. The updated watch can also detect if the wearer has a fall and a new sensor lets it take electrocardiogram heart readings. It is a big step taken by Apple to use technology for improving health and fitness.

Best Health Features of Apple Watch 4

  • Largest Apple Watch Display
  • New electrical heart sensor to monitor the low and high heart rate
  • New Breathe watch faces
  • Fall detection sensor
  • Emergency SOS system to call emergency services
  • Measure your calorie burn
  • Autostart and stop workout reminder
  • Pace measuring, Cadence while running
  • Automatic workout detection
  • New yoga & hiking workouts
  • Sweat, surf and swim-proof
  • Monthly fitness challenges
  • Monitor Your Glucose
  • Detect diabetes with an 85% accuracy

This watch truly designed to improve your health and living every day. Apple Watch Series 4 monitors your heart rate throughout the day and check regularly to keep track of your heart’s performance. Apple said, “the main motive of low and high heart rate monitoring feature is to alert you about your health so you can take immediate action & consult your doctor”. You can also store health data in the iPhone Health app.

If you suddenly fall this watch will detect it and generate a notification “It looks like you have taken a hard fall” with Emergency SOS on display so that you can get help immediately.

Apple also said, “They have received FDA permission to trade the Apple Watch Series 4 for its ability to dealing with an electrocardiogram to measure heart rhythm”. This Apple Watch 4 price starts at $399 for the smallest version. So it is a good health gadget to buy. You can share your thoughts and reviews about this product below.


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