How To Choose The Correct Boxing Gear

Choosing the right boxing gear is sometimes tricky for beginners. In order to figure out what size of boxing gloves are best suitable, you must know the circumference of your hands, and along with that you must know your exact height and weight. So if you want to punch with a full strong grip in the gym your punching gloves should fit you perfectly, as there is an immense variety of boxing gloves with various sizes, brands, and styles available in the market so it can be a little bit daunting and confusing for you to choose the right boxing gear.

Let’s get back to the discussion, in today’s blog I will guide you on how you can choose the right boxing gear, but first of all, I will describe various types of boxing gloves which you must need.

Various types of boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are designed in accordance with their intended use. There are actually three types of training gloves and two types of gloves that are used in competition. Both of them have special qualities and are a little bit different from each other.

Training gloves

As the name indicates training gloves are designed just for training purposes and are the best option for the boxer who are beginners. They are used for dual purposes I mean you can use them for your bag work and for sparring work as well. While you are sparring, they can absorb much shock, and on the other hand, you can also use them while practicing your skills on the heavy bag.

How to choose your training gloves

While choosing your training gloves make sure that you are able to make a fist and that your fingers are closely fitted in them. Training gloves are available in various sizes mostly available in 12 to 18 ounces. You must select 14 to 16 oz gloves if your weight is around 127 to 160 pounds. Similarly, if your weight is around 161 to 180 pounds you must select 16 to 18 oz gloves, but if your weight is more than 80 pounds then you must select 18 oz gloves. Elite sports boxing gloves are durable and provide you comfort during your fighting and training sessions.

Sparring gloves

While you are boxing your knuckles are at higher risk to get damaged from the shock. So sparring gloves are manufactured with some extra padding in order to provide protection to the joints of your fingers. They not only provide you protection but also your boxing partner. Sparring gloves are a little bit heavier as compared to the training gloves due to extra padding.

How to choose sparring gloves.

If your weight is around 175lb then you can spar with gloves having sizes around 18 to 20 oz, but if you are practicing in 14 oz gloves and in competition, you are wearing 16 oz gloves, that will be totally a wrong approach and you won’t be able to compete.

So make sure your boxing gloves snug perfectly. Elite sports boxing items are of high quality, long-lasting, and provide you comfort throughout your training sessions.

Bag gloves

Bag gloves are used to practice your boxing skills on the heavy bag, training bags, and also on speed bags. The bag gloves are designed with less padding so that the fighter must get familiar with the strong impacts of punches and he/she must get familiar with the shocks. These gloves are the best if you want to practice boxing on a heavy bag. Before choosing these gloves you must check the quality of material used in their manufacturing. I would suggest that in the beginning, you must select some economical and basic gear and once you get more experienced with the passage of time you can invest more in your boxing gloves.

The material used for the manufacturing

Most boxing gloves are manufactured with leather or vinyl. If you want to train boxing on a regular basis, then leather gloves are the best for that purpose. Leather gloves are expensive and much more durable and comfortable as compared to vinyl.

Head guard.

Head guards actually protect your head against injuries during boxing, and they also prevent your face from various cuts. Also, they help to reduce the impact of the punch executed on your face up to 40 to 60 percent.

If you are finding trouble selecting the correct size of your head guard I would say it should be the same as the size of your hat. You can also check your required size with the help of the measuring tape, by just rolling the measuring tape from the front of your forehead and then rolling it towards the back of your head.

Punching bag

With the help of a punching bag, you can build up stamina and can also improve your muscular endurance as well because it is meant to resist your strikes. Besides practicing various skills on the heavy bag you can also build up stronger muscles too. Punching bags are also available in various sizes. For beginners and newbies, 70 pounds is suitable, other than that for intermediate boxers 100 pounds punching bags work perfectly. But sometimes choosing the size of your heavy bag also depends upon your weight as well. I mean if your weight is around 160 lb the weight of the punching bag you must be selecting should be around 80 lb.

Hand wraps

Hand wraps basically provide safety and protection to your wrist and knuckles. The hand wraps are commonly available in cotton with a length of around 120 to 180 inches.

How many hand wraps are required?

If you have a middle-size hand then you need 180 cotton hand wraps. Similarly, if your hands are smaller you must have 120 cotton hand wraps. Hand wraps have various types including elastic hand wraps, tape and gauze, and traditional hand wraps.

Shin pads

Shin pads protect the delicate tissues and joints of your lower limb. They are the protective gear that helps to absorb the shock and protect you against serious injuries. They are designed in a way to offer protection for your ankle, feet, and shin.

Shin guards have a huge variety. The cotton shin guards are much cheaper and are best for beginners. Before selecting them make sure they are stretchable, and snug perfectly in your feet and legs.


Mouthguards protect your gums and teeth during combat. If the mouth guard fits appropriately in your mouth it means it won’t move away from your mouth during your fight. Some of the boxers have the habit of grinding their teeth during combat. So in order to keep your teeth and gums safe, you can surely use a mouthguard.

Boxing trackers

Due to more advanced technology you may know the intensity of your punch, your punching rate along the increase in your heart rate. Through a punching tracker, you can also get aware of the performance of your overall workout.  So these boxing trackers are really helpful as they keep you updated regarding your performance during your workout.

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