The Biggest Wedding Dress Trends for Women to Know

After last week, we decided to carry on our “2021 trends to watch” theme for the rest of the month. Upcoming posts will include venues, decor, and various other blogs’ thoughts on it all. We are pretty excited to explore all the possibilities this year holds!

Today, we will be focusing on dresses. Over the last hundred years, wedding dresses have seen a huge shift in style. But the basics have mostly remained the same: white or ivory, coverage to the point of looking almost chaste, and on the longer side of length. With the onset of the millennium, we’d like to think that things are shifting even more drastically. We’ve seen the gamut of pushing style conventions in the last decade and can’t wait to see what the coming years will do to continue to push the boundaries.

Without further ado – Our Style Predictions for 2021:

Illusion Back/Backless Dresses

Backless dresses are seriously all over Pinterest these days, ranging from opaque with embroidered details to almost fully transparent with just a tiny dispersal of gems on the back. If you feel weird about baring the entirety of your back to your friends and family, then the illusion back is the happy medium you are searching for. It allows you to bare some back, while still feeling covered. And the details on dresses like these are ridiculous amounts lovely. Try this Pinterest search for more ideas!

Lace Is Still Huge

We’re seeing this trend mesh with the boho/sleek trend of the past few years. When you combine lace, tulle, and a slimmer silhouette, you come out with this lovely, ethereal look that would go perfectly in a well-forested setting (or really anything outside). Pair it with a cardigan and it’s an instant “Winter Wonderland” themed dress. Bonus: this waistline is really forgiving for a lot of body types and we are seeing that trend pop up all over the place. We can get behind that.

Colors – Yes, Really.

Lavender Wedding Dress

This is always offered as a suggestion but is never widely used. Let us take this moment to urge you to own this trend. There are so many lovely dresses out there that are looked over simply because they aren’t white. Buck the social norms and embrace your favorite color at your wedding. Just make sure that you don’t exactly match your bridesmaids. Although, you could have a floor-length dress, have them wear tea-length, and once again spit in the face of convention. See? No rules! It’s your wedding!

Here are a few more examples of colored dresses from various sources. You can find this exact dress here, but don’t buy it because our social media coordinator has already called dibs.

Metallic Wedding Dress

Metallics have carried over to 2021 and we fully encourage you to embrace this trend, especially if you’re having an evening or more formal wedding. That evening light combined with a gold or bronze accent is perfection, as evidenced by this photo. For more dresses with metallic accents.

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