How to Pick Out Healthy Snack Foods to Enhance Your Health

Most people want to follow healthy diets, but they may forget to include healthy snacks to eat on their grocery lists. Choosing healthy and good snack foods as part of your diet plan is important. Everyone has those times when they just want or need the extra energy snacks can provide. When you understand how to choose yummy healthy snacks, you’ll be better able to stick to your healthy diet while also getting that added taste sensation you crave.

Start by looking in your cabinets

It is a good idea for you to look through your pantry, cabinets, your refrigerator, and freezer in order to see all of the snacks that you currently have on hand. You should note how many different types of items you see and look at what makes up the majority. For example, people who see that they have a lot of sweet snacks will want to note that, and people who have a lot of salty snacks will want to note that as well.

List all of the unhealthy snacks you find

If you see bags of greasy chips, muffins, snack cakes, and other such things, you should write them down. After you do this, think about similarly unhealthy snacks you have recently made, such as cookies, donuts, or cakes.

List all of the healthy food snacks you find

Next, you should list all of the snacks you find that are healthy. This list could include such things as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain food snacks, and other good snacks to eat as a part of a healthy diet. When you have made this list, you should then compare it to the unhealthy snack list so that you can see the types of snacks that appeal most to your family and where you can make some changes in your snack choices.

List possible substitutions for unhealthy snack foods

After you have completed your snack list comparison, you should go through the unhealthy list and think about different yummy healthy snacks you can substitute for each poor choice. For example, if you notice that you have a lot of crunchy foods such as spicy fried chips, you might want to substitute a spicy nut mix instead. Doing so can give you that crunch you crave while also providing the flavorful taste sensations you enjoy.

Cross out the snacks that are simply indulgent and unnecessary

The next step is to cross out all of the snack foods you find that simply have no value for your diet. These foods could include such things as snack cakes, candy bars, heavy muffins or donuts. If you have a sweet tooth, you can get creative. Think about ridding your home of the unhealthy choices you currently have. You can still enjoy the taste of chocolate by mixing some baker’s cocoa powder, a dash of honey and a little cinnamon with some ricotta cheese to have a rich and delightfully smooth snack that will indulge your craving for chocolate while still being healthy.

Think about your snacking patterns and habits

Thinking about the times you snack, whether you snack mindlessly and what prompts you to snack is important. If you have a tendency to snack away in front of the television, you’re likely ingesting far more empty calories each day than you might be aware of. If you have a very busy schedule, think about having healthy snacks on hand that you can grab quickly to take with you.

Handle shopping wisely

When you head to the store next, take the time you need to compare labels. Look for whole-grain snacks, vegetables, fruits, spicy nut mixes and other options that can give you the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need while also satisfying you. Compare nutritional labels on any packaged snack foods, and choose the healthier version of them. For example, if you simply must have chips, forgo the greasy fried potato chips and instead opt for baked whole-grain varieties with salsa for dipping.

Choose filling food snacks

When you choose snacks that have a high fiber or protein content, you’ll feel satisfied for a longer period of time. Low-fat dairy products, eggs, nuts, beans, and whole grains can all help you to feel satiated. This can help you keep your diet under control so you can have more energy and vitality to last throughout your day.

Eat the right portions

It is very easy to overindulge when eating snack foods. Make certain you understand the correct portion sizes. It is a good idea to measure them out using measuring cups or a food weight scale. After you have measured out the right portion size, put any remaining snack away. You should do this before you sit down to enjoy your snack.

Choosing healthy snacks does not have to be difficult. When you approach snacks thoughtfully, you can make a few changes in your snack choices that will be painless and tasty.


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