How To Survive a Wedding in the Summer Heat Waves

While it may not be official on our calendars yet, most of the US is unofficially celebrating the beginning of summer. Hooray! Many of us relish the biggest indicators that summer has arrived: open pools, baseball games, and vacation… just to name a few. But as we make plans, sometimes we can forget about how hot it can really get. For example, Gala Pal is stationed in Texas and North Carolina – right where southern heat meets humidity. Yuck.

Since summer is a common time to plan a wedding. June is the most popular month for weddings, more people have vacation time, and it’s less likely to have horrible weather. The following is our best advice on how to survive a heatwave at your wedding:

Prepare for the hottest day of your life.

Okay, so that may not be the case. Being really prepared never hurts anyone. Pretend that you just read that your wedding is during the hottest week on record and then plan accordingly. Set aside a bigger chunk of your budget for heat preparation. Need some ideas on where to allot that budget, but aren’t sure where to start?

  • Signature cold drinks.
  • DIY a fan wedding program.
  • Personalize tiny sunscreen or dollar store sunglasses as favors.
  • Get giant industrial fans and plan a cool photo booth around it with pinwheels, umbrellas, giant ridiculous scarves, etc. Please do this, but also send us the pictures

Have a cooling station

Do you have some elderly or sick relatives? Give them a (literally) cool place to hang out. Most outdoor venues have indoor spaces that you can rent alongside your outdoor space. Consider adding this to your to-do list for the sake of your guests. Barring that, there are also special RVs you can rent out to serve as a cooling station, complete with nice minibars and restrooms. It’s a bonus if you have an uncle with an RV that won’t mind lending his services in exchange for gas money.

Think about moving your wedding inside

Is your heart set on having your wedding outside, but the heat managed to ruin your plans? Try booking a mountain lodge or venue by the beach to host your wedding. There are venues that have huge windows to add some of the outdoor feels you wanted but include air-conditioning as a sweet perk. Also, plan to have a quick jaunt outside to get some shots of you and your beloved without becoming dehydrated. It’s a compromise, but we think it might be worth it.

Have you planned your wedding for this summer? What methods are you using to beat the heat? Let us know in the comments!

Kirsty Wark

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