The Difference Between Goals and Intentions

Between the glitz and glamour of life, the question that never fails to make its annual appearance is, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” We’ve all been there – enthusiastically setting goals that promise to revolutionise our lives, only to see them fade into the background as the year unfolds. As embarks on this introspective journey, a profound distinction between goals and intentions becomes apparent – a revelation that has transformed the way he approaches personal growth.

A Shift in Perspective: Goals vs. Intentions

The journey began a few years ago when took a different path from the well-trodden road of New Year’s resolutions. The statistics were discouraging – studies indicate that a staggering 92 percent of people who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them. So, made a conscious decision to shift his approach. Instead of outlining elaborate goals for the year ahead, he embraced the concept of one-word intentions.

Embracing Intentions: A Guiding Principle

An intention, as discovered, is “a guiding principle that goes beyond mere objectives. It’s not about outlining a future destination; rather, it’s about embracing a direction for the present”. Goals are the outcome-focused milestones that we aim for, often with the hope of finding happiness once we reach them. Intentions, on the other hand, are rooted in the now – they shape who we are becoming, how we show up in the world, and how we interact with those around us.

Drawing from Wisdom: Intentions as Sankalpas

Incorporating the wisdom of Yogic philosophy, where intentions are referred to as Sankalpas, an intention is like a sacred vow to align with his highest truth. This resonated deeply with him, as he understood that while goals might provide a sense of achievement, intentions offer a pathway to purpose.

Witnessing Intentions in Action

As the years rolled on, witnessed the transformative power of intention-setting in his life. Each year, he chose a single word that encapsulated his overarching theme for the months ahead. It was like encapsulating his aspirations and ideals into a simple yet profound term. The results were astounding – he felt more fulfilled, more present, and more connected to his evolving self. It was as if intentions acted as a steady heartbeat, infusing each day with meaning and direction.

Beyond Achievement: Intentions vs. Goals

This paradigm shift led to the acknowledgment of the glaring difference between goals and intentions. Goals, while important, often leave us feeling empty once achieved. The temporary euphoria fades, and we find ourselves asking, “What now?” It’s what psychologists term the “arrival fallacy” – the belief that reaching a goal will lead to lasting happiness. Intentions, however, provide a continuous wellspring of purpose. They remind us that the journey itself is meaningful, not just the destination.

Inward Reflection: The Essence of Intentions

Intention-setting is an inward-driven approach. It’s about reflecting on the present moment and asking key questions: “What aspects of my life are thriving? Where can I grow? Who am I becoming?” These queries serve as the foundation for choosing an intention that resonates. It’s about focusing on who he is today and how he can align his actions with his evolving identity. In this way, intentions become the North Star that guides him through life’s twists and turns.

Authenticity in Intentions: Emerging from Within

The beauty of intentions lies in their authenticity. They emerge from our intuition, from the depths of our being. Each year, chose a word that encapsulated his current struggles, aspirations, or areas of growth. For instance, in a year when he was grappling with self-doubt with his work life in Glasgow, his intention became “confidence.” It was a reminder to believe in himself and pursue his dreams fearlessly. By aligning his goals with this intention, he found harmony between his external achievements and his inner journey.

The Guiding Mantra: Intentions as Personal Compass

Crafting an intention for the year is like setting a personal mantra, a compass that directs our actions. It shapes our decisions, guides our energy, and leads us to a life that’s aligned with our true essence. Intentions ensure that the goals we set are not just arbitrary milestones, but meaningful stepping stones on our path of becoming. They prevent us from swimming against the current, instead allowing us to flow with the river of our true purpose.

Embracing the Journey: Curiosity, Questioning, and Action

As looks back on this journey, he realises that the true essence of life lies in three pivotal elements – curiosity, questioning, and action. Intentions embody all three, urging us to delve within, to ask the right questions, and to act in alignment with our chosen path. The result? A life that’s not just goal-oriented, but intention-driven. An existence where purpose, fulfillment, and happiness are woven into the very fabric of our actions.

A New Paradigm: From Resolutions to Intentions

So, as we bid farewell to the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, let’s embrace a new paradigm. Let’s shift our focus from fleeting achievements to enduring intentions. Let’s ask ourselves, “What’s my one-word intention, my compass for the year?” Let’s infuse our days with purpose and our actions with alignment. The journey is not about what we achieve; it’s about who we become. And that journey, my friends, is guided by the power of intention.

A Personal Intention: “Expansion”

As reflects on yet another year of growth, his intention is “expansion” – a reminder to stretch his boundaries, explore uncharted territories, and embrace the unknown. So, he invites you to join him in this journey of intention-setting, where each word becomes a beacon of light in the vast sea of possibilities. After all, the difference between goals and intentions is not just semantics; it’s a profound shift in perspective – one that has the potential to redefine our lives in ways we’ve never imagined.


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