Why Is Summer the Best Time For Weight Loss?

Exercise is excellent for weight loss, that’s what we keep reading, however, the environment around you and your lifestyle also matter. A simple rule of thumb is that you need to balance your food intake and your exercise. If you consume more calories but do not work out enough, this will result in weight gain. However, if your calorie consumption is less but your exercise through physical activity is more, you will end up losing weight. This balance of exertion and intake is used as a way to track down the metabolism. There are multiple applications and other methods that are used for tracking down the calorie count. With every meal, you can easily count the calories and there is an average calorie burn-out rate per hour for every exercise.

Apart from the food you eat and exercise, there is another very important thing that impacts your health as well as your weight loss process. That important thing is the environment surrounding you which includes your lifestyle that is adapted to the external environment. A simple explanation of this is the fact that a limited budget can affect your means of transportation which means you need to use public transport. As a result, you will walk every day to the bus stop and you will burn calories in the process. Similarly, the weather, eating habits, the availability of food, nutrition within the food, and other things impact your health.

With the help of this article, we will mainly concentrate on the change in weather and its impact on the exercise that we perform. Apart from this, we will also talk about how summer is the best season for weight loss and how you can speed up your weight loss in the summers.

The Impact of summers on Our Body

If we look at winters, we see that almost everyone feels lethargic and tired. Most people like to cuddle in their bed all day, drinking hot drinks with a lot of sugar and hiding the fat with the help of their comfy sweaters. Overall, if we look at the way we conduct ourselves in winter we will see that there is a lot of sleep and very little movement.

Apart from this, the University of Massachusetts Medical School researched to explain that people like to eat less in summers. We not only feel less tired and more aggressive, but we also like to eat less food. Even when most people eat in the summer, it is mostly light snacks with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

In summer feeling extremely hot is very common which is the reason, people like to drink a lot of fresh juices and different fruit cocktails. These fresh and organic juices are very helpful in flushing the toxins from the body. These toxins are especially helpful in keeping the blood pressure under control and improving digestion.

Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Summer Fitness Routine

In summer the routine is much different and so are the events and celebrations. Here are some of the best recommendations that will help you lose weight, stay healthy and still have fun with your summer diet and lifestyle.

  • Visit farmers’ markets where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables at very affordable prices. While shopping you will also be able to burn some calories on your way.
  • Fishing is very common in summers and if you include fish in your diet, you will get protein without saturated fats. Fish is filled with omega 3 and you will be able to enjoy a light snack as well.
  • Swimming and surfing are very common in summers and both these are extreme exercises that will help you involve your whole body and eventually you will see that you have lost a lot of weight.
  • Gaining a bikini body is a very good motivation for both men and women because when they see other people getting fit and they want to show off their body as well, they work hard.
  • In the summer most people like cold food which means that you will have a lot of space for smoothies, fresh salads, fresh juices, and fresh food.
  • Outdoor yoga and fitness classes are very helpful because you will not only breathe fresh air you will also sweat more and get skin tan. This means that eventually, your body will not only look healthy due to your tan color, but you will also have toned body muscles.

Easy Eating Habits That You Can Use for Weight Loss in summers

In summers most people feel too hot and they usually do not eat too much. As a result, calorie consumption is reduced. Most people look for something light and healthy, especially salads, which are very popular in the summer. There are so many different variations that you can use for the summer diet that can including fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the dieting tips in summers include:

Easy Juice Diet

A liquid diet is very common among fitness enthusiasts. It is a detox-based diet where you consume fruit juices and most liquid for one day and let your digestive system rest. Eventually, consuming fewer calories helps you in staying active and lose weight. A fruit-based diet is especially good for the skin as it helps in keeping the skin hydrated and healthy.

Summer Salad Fun

In the summer there are so many different and colorful fresh vegetables that you can use in your salad. Another important thing is the use of delicious salad dressing, especially with lemon and yogurt which helps in enhancing the taste. Most salads look better when they get cold which is the reason most people like to have salads in summer.

Drink More Water

In the scorching summer heat, most people seek refuge in water which helps in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. It also helps in flushing out the toxins and especially helps with weight loss.

Add Some Lemon

Lemon becomes a staple food in summers. Most people like to add lemon to their water, others like to add it to their food and even experiment with different drinks as well. Lemon is very good for weight loss so, in summers you should add lemon to your diet.

Have Fun with the Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetable mixes are very common in summers. Most supermarkets have different fruit and vegetable platters that they serve with food. There are so many different dips that you can try with these fruit and vegetable platters as well. Even after consuming so much food, you will not feel heavy and the overall calorie consumption will still be very low.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the weather has a huge impact on our lifestyle, especially on our eating habits. Multiple pieces of research explain the difference in weather has an impact on our body as well as our eating habits. Even the food that we eat in winter is much different than what we eat in summer. We sweat more in summers and the way we conduct ourselves is pretty different as well. Overall, simple changes like food intake and resting time impact our weight loss process. According to physicians, our body stays more active and aggressive in summer which is the reason we work out more. We also sweat more because our body is trying very hard to maintain body temperature. Overall, these simple things can change the way we conduct ourselves and our calorie-burning rate as well.

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