5 Musical Qualities That Can Make You A Good Singer

Singing is a kind of entertainment. A good singer is a good performer and a competent musician (sounds good and sings the proper notes). There is, in reality, a link between good performance and good singing; both skills are interdependent.

5 musical qualities can make you a good singer:

Enjoy Practicing

Some folks, believe it or not, want to be excellent vocalists yet don’t enjoy singing. If they’re beautiful, they might even be able to make a living. And if you enjoy singing, you will do so regularly. You must experience the lyrics and live the song when practicing a song. You can sing the same song 20 times and uncover different emotions and meanings each time.

A Good Sense of Hearing

First and foremost, a vocalist must sing in tune. Learning to match pitch consistently is a vital initial step in singing for those not born with sensitive aural skills (also known as a musical ear). It is beneficial to work with a voice teacher on aural skills exercises and practice such activities at home. Pitch-recognition applications, for example, boost at-home practice for pupils who aren’t sure if they’re singing the correct pitches.


Good singers are as comfortable in a stadium as they are in a living room. They’ll sing for free for a good cause or a million dollars on TV. They’ll sing in a hospital room for a sick child, and they’ll sing in the shower. Lyric prank songs for the love of it and the joy of it. They will break into song if they are in a field on a bright summer day with a blue sky and lovely clouds floating across it.

Breathing Slowly

It’s crucial to sing appropriately if you don’t breathe properly. This is one of the most fundamental foundations, and it is a reality that cannot be overlooked. Slow your breathing for a while. Inhale as slowly as you can, counting to 20 in your brain while you do so. Once you’ve reached 20, softly exhale while counting to 20 in your thoughts. Every time you practice your vocal warm-up exercises, try to do this at least five times. The longer you can sing phrases and the easier it will be for you, the more breath support you have.

Bonuse Tips:

If you want to become a hit and popular singer, you must have these qualities as well:

  • Your Song Lyric
  • Your Vocal
  • Music in your song
  • Acting and setup of your video
  • Stage performance


If you have ever watched a fantastic vocalist perform, you have probably noticed how confident they appear. Maintaining a calm, open posture is a vital part of this: humans interpret a relaxed, open posture as a sign of confidence, and even standing in this manner can make you feel more confident. Practicing aural skills, breath support, and other aspects of good singing can also boost your confidence.


Singers and artists have more options than ever before; in the end, it will be the artists who desired it more and who sacrificed more to get it. This is an opportunity game that you have to grab; once you get a chance, you can prove to the world that you are amongst good singers.

Jane Hill

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