How to Deck Out Your Seasonal House Party

A house or backyard get-together with friends and family is a laid-back way to socialize with your loved ones after the series of lockdowns. It’s also a perfect way to welcome the new seasons and entertain guests in your home. Apart from that, it gives you an opportunity to dress up and beautify your space. When preparing and decorating your home a practical way is to use a China sea freight forwarder to help you with your home needs and purchases for your house lunch and dinner parties.

Freshen Up Your Space

A clean and fresh home is always a welcome sight, especially when you are a host that’s expecting guests. Have a deep clean of your house before the scheduled house party. You may even hire professional cleaners to clean up and sanitize your entire space to prepare it for your visitors. Experienced professional cleaners reach and clean some areas of our home that we would not initially think of cleaning ourselves.

It’s also a good idea to look for a good air purifier so that your house is not only clean and fresh but also safely sanitized. Some air purifiers use ozone generators to clean the air, which can be harmful instead of helpful. It is best to stick with trusted air purifier suppliers who have efficient air purifiers that clean and deodorize the air in your home safely.

It is said that scents and aromas play a big role in triggering memories. The nose remembers better than the eyes, ears, and tongue do. Adding a few wax melts, potpourri, or reed diffusers to your gathering space also gives your home a more welcoming ambiance and will surely make the occasion more memorable for your guests. You may even take it up a notch by assigning a scent specific to an event.

All About the Vibes

A house party isn’t complete without the perfect lighting arrangement for you and your guest’s Instagram photos. Adorn with the right warm and bright lighting solutions for your home and your party. Use yellow or warm white bulbs for your lamps. You may also opt to put on some string lights in your garden or invest in modern pergola lighting for your backyard. Tea lights or votive candles may also be placed on the tables for additional mood lighting.

If you do decide to take your dinner party outside, you may also set up a small bonfire for colder nights. Bring out the s’mores and wine to complete your cool evening get-togethers. Add in your favorite relaxing tunes and you have the evening set up. The warm lights and soothing notes will surely make the perfect dinner get-together and the best backdrop for long-awaited stories and lots of picture-taking.

Prepare Sumptuous Feasts

Whether you cook a whole menu on your own or order your choice of meals, make sure to have food and booze awaiting your guests. Food and drinks are the glue that holds together a gathering. Plan out the meal you want in advance. Make sure to order all the meals you need, noting the right date and time that you’ll need them. Have it arrive a good 20 minutes before your first guest arrives so that you won’t have to rush laying it out while welcoming your guests.

If you opt to cook your meals yourself, make sure to have all the elements of your dish checked before you start cooking so that your time in the kitchen is fuss-free and efficient. Don’t forget to allot enough time for clean-up and getting ready since you wouldn’t want your guest arriving while you’re yet to get showered and still in your aprons.

Don’t forget to have refreshing beverages available. If you choose to serve wine, champagne, or other similar drinks, make sure to have a non-alcoholic option for those who don’t drink alcohol. It’s always a good idea to also have water readily available throughout the meal.

Furthermore, find out if your guests have food allergies beforehand to avoid having them on your menu. A trip to the hospital is an awful way to ruin an otherwise wonderful lunch or dinner party. The same goes for drinks and wine pairings, ask them beforehand if anyone has an aversion to any drink and try to work around their intolerance and hypersensitivities so that nothing can take away from the perfect meals you prepared or ordered.


Make sure to be a good host and plan and prepare well for your get-together with friends and family. The right combinations of good lighting, great food, an awesome playlist, and a warm and welcoming ambiance with the help of freight make for the perfect get-together.

Jeremy Bowen

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