Essential Wedding Checklist: What You Must Have for the Big Day

Whilst there are many desirables that you’ll want to have for your big day, there are some essentials that should be on anyone’s wedding checklist to ensure their day runs smoothly and successfully.

The Ceremony

A wedding is nothing without the ceremony itself, which legally binds the couple together. You can either decide to contact a religious minister or a registrar depending on whether you want a religious or civil ceremony. If you have a religious ceremony then it’ll usually take place in a church or other religious building like a mosque or synagogue, and for civil weddings, it can be done in a registry office or a venue of your choice.


For a day-long event, it’s essential that you have some food and drink available for yourself and your guests to have. This can take any shape you like, but usually, there’s a sit-down meal at the start of the reception and a buffet in the evening. However, you can mix things up however you like. You would normally bring in caterers to supply everything, or you can self-cater parts of it if you want to.


There are plenty of times you’ll require music on your wedding day, and including the music, you and your partner like is the perfect way to make the day truly unique and special. As well as music at the ceremony for entrances and exits, there’s one big decision you’ll have to make for the entertainment later in the evening: disco or live band? Do you want to hear your favourite tunes exactly as you remember, or do you want to feel the energy of a live band?

The Venue

Depending on your choice of wedding ceremony, you might be looking for a venue for the ceremony and reception, or just the wedding reception on its own. There are many different types of venues you can choose from, including country retreats, hotels, stately homes, converted barns, farms, and even at home. Whatever your needs, the perfect venue is out there to host your special day.


The wedding photos will become a regular reminder of the day, and you’ll want to impress every guest on the day too, so having a great outfit is essential. Be it a beautiful white wedding dress, a sharp three-piece suit, or something else entirely, the possibilities are almost endless. But as well as something that looks good, you’ll want something comfortable too, as you’ll want to be able to enjoy the day itself in your outfit, so choose wisely.


And speaking of wedding photos, you’ll want to have your big day immortalised in photographic form, and the best way to do that is to hire a professional photographer or photographer. On a day when your friends and family are gathered in one place for possibly the only time, you’ll want to have lots of photographic, and even video, evidence of your big day.

The Rings

The ultimate symbol of love and commitment to each other, these will be first worn on your wedding day and then forever more during your marriage. They’re a must-have for any wedding day and can range from being a classic gold band to an extravagant design with many precious stones included.

The Guests

What is a wedding day if you can’t celebrate it with some of your favourite people? Creating a guestlist can be stressful, but at the end of the day, it’s your decision on who you want to send the invites to and spend your special day with. No matter whether the guestlist is just the couple, a small gathering of family and friends, or a huge soiree-style list, deciding who will be coming is important.

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