Step by Step Guide to Throwing an Adult Halloween Party!

Halloween is the time of year that adults have the opportunity to revisit one of the most exciting times of childhood. Be adventurous, be cute, be sexy, or be a hero, the choice is yours. Fill your table with delightful drinks and yummy eats, play the just right soundtrack, and you have the making of a great night in with friends! Read on to learn more.

The Guest List

Invite your friends, but keep in mind which friends are going to ‘play’. Who is going to have fun with the idea of dressing up and bringing that fun energy to your party?


Of course, Halloween is the ‘theme’, but you can add something more specific; famous couples, Disney characters, Zombies, or a time period theme.


You can have fun with these, just a reminder that if your friends have children, you might want to emphasize that this is an adult-only party!


This is key; the decorations are going to set the tone and mood of the party! You can go all out, or just drape a lot of blacks and add some spider webs to set the mood.

Halloween Music

You can play your favorite music, or choose from the many soundtracks that have been compiled just for this occasion. Pandora has several Halloween Stations to choose from.

Spooky Treats

Pinterest is full of great ideas for Halloween treats that will impress your friends, everything from the east to the ‘Martha Stewart’ inspired.

Halloween Spirits

Lastly, you can have fun with spirits of the tastiest kind. Little Luna Blog has compiled a list of top 10 drinks to serve at a Halloween party (many of these can be adapted to non-alcoholic).

So these are some basic tips and step to throwing an adult Halloween party!

Jeremy Bowen

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