Download PC Health Check App for Checking Windows 11 Compatibility

Windows 11 introduced on June 24, 2021. It is a major release of the Windows NT OS and designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation. Window 11 may be released in late 2021. This new Windows come after six-year. Windows 10 was released on 29 July 2015.

Main Features and Specs of Windows 11

  • Redesigned for creativity, productivity, and easy to use.
  • The start menu button and other icons are put at the center
  • New Layouts for multitasking – Snap Layouts, Desktops, and Snap Groups 
  • Microsoft Teams app for connecting with others messenger 
  • New PC games from Xbox like DirectX 12 Ultimate
  • Widgets options, New themes, Easy and fast access to your app
  • Android apps now can run on your Windows 11 PC
  • Microsoft app store has linked with Amazon’s Appstore for bringing Android apps to Windows 11

Many questions are in our minds – who can download or upgrade to Window 11 for free? Is window 10 PC compatible to run Windows 11?  Can I get Windows 11 for free if I have Windows 10 or 8? How to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11?

It seems only Windows 10 users will able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

Microsoft didn’t mention anywhere that Window 8.1 or other later versions users can download or upgrade to new Windows 11.

You can download the following Microsoft PC Health Check app that will analyse the requirements and let you know whether your computer laptop will run Windows 11 or not. 

Check for compatibility Windows 11.

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